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Legislative Elections in Jharkhand, Nov-Dec 2009

Live Coverage for Jharkhand Results:

Jharkhand was carved out of Bihar in the year 2000 and the last Assembly Elections were held in the state in 2005. Since the mandate was not in favour of one single party, Jharkhand saw the usual brokering of votes, seats and political parties with the end result that Jharkhand Assembly remained under Governor's rule for a very long time.

The Election Commission of India issued notification in October for Jharkhand polls to be held in Nov-Dec 2009. The term of the Legislative Assembly of Jharkhand was due to expire on 9th March 2010, but since the Jharkhand State Assembly was kept under suspended animation since 19th January 2009, it could not have been extended beyond January 18th 2010. Hence, early elections were announced in the Jharkhand State so that a popular government could be established before Jan 18th 2010.

The polls were earlier scheduled from 27th Nov, but because of Bakri Id/Eid ul-Adha falling on 28th Nov, the dates were shifted two days earlier to 25th Nov. Elections in the remaining four phases were held as per earlier schedule.

Hours of poll: 7 AM to 3PM

Results will be declared on: 23-12-2009 (Wednesday).

Some Facts on Jharkhand Assembly Polls 2010:


Total No. ACs

ACs reserved for SC

ACs reserved for ST

Jharkhand 81 9 28
Electoral Rolls 17,893,839 Electoral Photo Identity Cards: 77.63% Polling Stations: 23944

Election Schedule:


1st Phase

2nd Phase

3rd Phase

4th Phase

5th Phase

Date of issue of notification 31-10-2009 (Tuesday) 7-11-2009 (Saturday) 13-11-2009 (Friday) 17-11-2009 (Tuesday) 24-11-2009 (Tuesday)
Last date for making nominations 07-11-2009 (Tuesday) 14-11-2009 (Saturday) 20-11-2009 (Friday) 24-11-2009 (Tuesday) 1-12-2009 (Tuesday)
Date for scrutiny of nominations 09-11-2009 (Wednesday) 16-11-2009 (Monday) 21-11-2009 (Saturday) 25-11-2009 (Wednesday) 2-12-2009 (Wednesday)
Last withdrawal of candidatures 11-11-2009 (Friday) 18-11-2009 (Wednesday) 23-11-2009 (Monday) 27-11-2009 (Friday) 4-12-2009
Date of poll 25-11-2009 (Friday) 2-12-2009 (Wednesday) 8-12-2009 (Tuesday) 12-12-2009 (Saturday) 18-12-2009 (Friday)

Jharkhand Election Results:

In the recently held General Elections, BJP was the clear winner with 8 seats out of 14. You can view the complete Jharkhand election results to see who has won and who lost in the past few elections.

The Assembly Results for Jharkhand in 2005:

In 2005, none of the major political parties were able to secure a clear mandate from the voters. BJP emerged as the single largest party with 36 seats, while Congress came second with 26 seats.

Political Party

No. of Seats

BJP + JDU 36
INC + JMM 26
Ind/Oth 12

Detailed coverage of Jharkhand 2005 Assembly results is here

Jharkhand Assembly Constituencies for 2009 State Elections:

There would be a total of 81legislative seats going to polls for Jharkhand 2009 Assembly elections.

Here's the list:

Jharkhand Vidhansabha Constituencies 2009:

Phase I
(26 seats)

Phase II
(14 seats)

Phase III
(11 seats)

Phase IV
(14 seats)

Phase V
(16 seats)

1-Rajmahal 58-Tamar (ST) 35-Bermo 44-Baharagora 52-Chaibasa (ST)
2-Borio (ST) 61-Silli 36-Bokaro 45-Ghatsila (ST) 54-Jaganathpur (ST)
3-Barhait (ST) 62-Khijri (ST) 37-Chandankiyari (SC) 46-Potka (ST) 57-Kharsawan (ST)
4-Litipara (ST) 66-Mandar (ST) 28-Dhanwar 53-Majhgaon (ST) 51-Seraikella (ST)
5-Pakaur 34-Gomia 29-Bagodar 55-Manoharpur (ST) 80-Garhwa
6-Maheshpur (ST) 31-Gandey 30-Jamua (SC) 56-Chakradharpur (ST) 81-Bhawanathpur
16-Poreyahat 32-Giridih 25-Hazaribagh 50-Ichagarh 75-Panki
8-Nala 33-Dumri 7-Sikaripara (ST) 59-Torpa (ST) 76-Daltonganj
9-Jamtara 20-Barkatha 10-Dumka (ST) 67-Sisai (ST) 77-Bishrampur
13-Madhupur 21-Barhi 11-Jama (ST) 68-Gumla (ST) 78-Chhatarpur (SC)
14-Sarath 22-Barkagaon 12-Jarmundi 69-Bishunpur (ST) 79-Hussainabad
15-Deogarh (SC) 24-Mandu   70-Simdega (ST) 26-Simaria (SC)
17-Godda 23-Ramgarh   71-Kolebira (ST) 27-Chatra (SC)
18-Mahagama 19-Kodarma   72-Lohardaga (ST) 74-Latehar (SC)
63-Ranchi 60-Khunti (ST)     73-Manika (ST)
65-Kanke (SC)        
47-Jugsalai (SC)        
48-Jamsehdpur East        
49-Jamshedpur West        

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