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India mini .gifAssembly Electionsmini .gifPhase I

Phase I of Jharkhand Polls: Nov 25th 2009

Live Coverage for Jharkhand Results:

Total electors: 65,32,234 (Male - 3,476,414, Female - 3,055,820)

Total candidates: 470

Total women candidates: 34

Assembly constituencies with maximum number of candidates: Godda - 25 candidates; Tundi - 25 candidates

Assembly constituency with minimum number of candidates: Jugsalai (Scheduled Castes) -11

Assembly constituency with more than one woman candidate: Three women candidates each in Borio, Jharia, Jugsalai, Kanker (Scheduled Castes)

Party-wise list of candidates:

Political Party

Number of Candidates

BJP 23
Congress 18
RJD 19
BSP 24
CPI / CPI-M 1 / 6
JMM 25
JVM 10
JD(U) 3
Others 338

Total Constituencies: 470

Number of EVMs to be used: Control unit - 8,176; Ballot unit - 13,850

Largest assembly constituency (area-wise): Mahagama

Largest assembly constituency (electorate-wise): Hatia with 388,611 electors

Smallest assembly constituency (electorate-wise): Litipara (Scheduled Tribes) with 153,566 electors

Polling stations: 8,176

Hours of poll: 7 AM to 3PM

Results will be declared on: 23-12-2009 (Wednesday).

Election Schedule:


1st Phase

2nd Phase

3rd Phase

4th Phase

5th Phase

Date of issue of notification 31-10-2009 (Tuesday) 7-11-2009 (Saturday) 13-11-2009 (Friday) 17-11-2009 (Tuesday) 24-11-2009 (Tuesday)
Last date for making nominations 07-11-2009 (Tuesday) 14-11-2009 (Saturday) 20-11-2009 (Friday) 24-11-2009 (Tuesday) 1-12-2009 (Tuesday)
Date for scrutiny of nominations 09-11-2009 (Wednesday) 16-11-2009 (Monday) 21-11-2009 (Saturday) 25-11-2009 (Wednesday) 2-12-2009 (Wednesday)
Last withdrawal of candidatures 11-11-2009 (Friday) 18-11-2009 (Wednesday) 23-11-2009 (Monday) 27-11-2009 (Friday) 4-12-2009
Date of poll 25-11-2009 (Friday) 2-12-2009 (Wednesday) 8-12-2009 (Tuesday) 12-12-2009 (Saturday) 18-12-2009 (Friday)

Detailed coverage of Jharkhand 2005 Assembly results is here

Jharkhand Assembly Constituencies for 2009 State Elections:

There would be a total of 81 legislative seats going to polls for Jharkhand 2009 Assembly elections.

Here's the list:

Jharkhand Vidhansabha Constituencies 2009:

Phase I
(26 seats)

Phase II
(14 seats)

Phase III
(11 seats)

Phase IV
(14 seats)

Phase V
(16 seats)

1-Rajmahal 58-Tamar (ST) 35-Bermo 44-Baharagora 52-Chaibasa (ST)
2-Borio (ST) 61-Silli 36-Bokaro 45-Ghatsila (ST) 54-Jaganathpur (ST)
3-Barhait (ST) 62-Khijri (ST) 37-Chandankiyari (SC) 46-Potka (ST) 57-Kharsawan (ST)
4-Litipara (ST) 66-Mandar (ST) 28-Dhanwar 53-Majhgaon (ST) 51-Seraikella (ST)
5-Pakaur 34-Gomia 29-Bagodar 55-Manoharpur (ST) 80-Garhwa
6-Maheshpur (ST) 31-Gandey 30-Jamua (SC) 56-Chakradharpur (ST) 81-Bhawanathpur
16-Poreyahat 32-Giridih 25-Hazaribagh 50-Ichagarh 75-Panki
8-Nala 33-Dumri 7-Sikaripara (ST) 59-Torpa (ST) 76-Daltonganj
9-Jamtara 20-Barkatha 10-Dumka (ST) 67-Sisai (ST) 77-Bishrampur
13-Madhupur 21-Barhi 11-Jama (ST) 68-Gumla (ST) 78-Chhatarpur (SC)
14-Sarath 22-Barkagaon 12-Jarmundi 69-Bishunpur (ST) 79-Hussainabad
15-Deogarh (SC) 24-Mandu   70-Simdega (ST) 26-Simaria (SC)
17-Godda 23-Ramgarh   71-Kolebira (ST) 27-Chatra (SC)
18-Mahagama 19-Kodarma   72-Lohardaga (ST) 74-Latehar (SC)
63-Ranchi 60-Khunti (ST)     73-Manika (ST)
65-Kanke (SC)        
47-Jugsalai (SC)        
48-Jamsehdpur East        
49-Jamshedpur West        

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