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BJP may well become Delhi’s Baazigar

“Haar ke bhi jeetne wale ko Baazigar kahte hain” Famous words from Shahrukh Khan movie may ring true for the BJP after their heavy loss in the recently concluded Delhi elections.

Kejriwal has emerged victorious and powerful after the Delhi State Elections 2015 and has trounced all his opponents. Getting 67 seats out of 70 in Delhi is something even Kejriwal would not have dreamed about. Congress has been decimated but it was expected. What was not thought of was BJP being reduced to 3 seats and losing one of their safest seats from Krishna Nagar. Nothing could be more embarrassing for BJP than to see their CM candidate lose from Krishna Nagar.

But their still is a silver line in all this gloom. Kejriwal has rode to power on the basis of rhetoric. Making big promises was easy for him. Free water, Free electricity and Full Statehood may all sound good on paper but on ground realities none of them are feasible. Delhi is national capital and it is impossible that Delhi Police would ever be left under the control of the state as it is a matter of national security. Delhi does not produce its own electricity so it will have to rely on neighboring states for fulfilling its demands. If you purchase power from some other state you can’t expect to give it to the Delhi citizens for free. Kejriwal has made a long list of such promises which will be tough to fulfill.

There’s also a chance of Kejriwal getting carried away. With just 28 seats in Delhi 2013 polls Kejriwal started dreaming of becoming the next Prime Minister. Within days he had offices across India and contested on all seats in the Lok Sabha elections. But the result was for all to see. Most lost their security deposits. Not with 67 seats Kejriwal will be tempted to have another go at nation wide politics. Yesterday itself, AAP gave indications that their next target is UP where they will challenge the Samajwadi Govt. If Kejriwal does not learn from his earlier mistakes and again goes after his ambition of joining national politics, he may fall flat once more.

BJP in the meanwhile should take the results as wake up call and get its act together. They know they are alone in the electoral field and every single party out there will unite to keep the BJP out. Parties from JD(U) to RJD to Trinamool will shamelessly forget any differences they may have with Congress or CPI or anyone else as long as they can keep BJP away from power. The first real test will come with Bihar elections scheduled later this year. BJP now has enough time on hand to re-plan their strategies and get their act together. If they lose Bihar elections it will be difficult for them to make a comeback.

As far as Delhi is concerned, BJP may just want to sit back and relax now. The ball is now in Kejriwal’s court and if past is any indication, Kejriwal will falter sooner or later. And if Kejriwl stumbles, BJP can only come up and claim the BAAZIGAR title.

Posted by admin on 11 February 2015 | 2:08 am

Arvind Kejriwal: Just another addition to Dirty Indian Politics

Arvind Kejriwal, the new Chief Minister of Delhi, has just proved that politics is really a dirty game and he is a part of that and not above it.

To come to power, Arvind Kejriwal first used Anna Hazare’s name to showcase himself to the huge masses. He did all possible tantrums to make himself popular among the masses and showed enough conviction to get some support from the classes as well.

The same guy who stood against corruption and kept shouting at the top of his voice that he won’t support either a BJP or a Congress led Govt has now gone ahead and shown the public of Delhi just how opportunistic he is. Delhi clearly voted against the Congress, if AAP was not a second fiddle to Congress and it really cared about people’s sentiments, it should have joined hands with BJP and formed a Govt. But by taking support from Congress which was fully rejected by the pubic, AAP and Arvind Kejriwal has just shown that they were all along a party to Congress gameplan of ruining BJP’s chances in Delhi.

BJP too are to be blamed for falling into the trap laid for them by AAP and COngress. The two were bound to get together to form a Govt and keep BJP out. So, by leaving the opportunity to form a Govt in Delhi, BJP allowed Kejriwal to have things on a platter.

AAP’s master stroke was to start the public poll last week. Shamelessly they opened phone lines and net to ask public for a referendum. Even the most naive person would know that all this was nothing but poll gimmick.

By forming a Govt with corrupt Congress support, Arvind Kejriwal has cheated Delhi and its citizens. The ploy may be to keep BJP at bay till the Lok Sabha elections but sooner or later Arvind Kejriwal will pay for cheating the people of Delhi.

Any thoughts of this guy being a new age clean politician are now over. Welcome another entrant Arvind Kejriwal to the game of Dirty Indian Politics.

Posted by admin on 23 December 2013 | 3:12 am

Exit Polls suggest scam, corruption and rising prices not an issue for Karnataka Elections

Karnataka has voted to pick the next Govt and if Exit Poll results are any indication, chances are that scam and corruption tainted Congress will merrily make it back to the State Assembly as winners.

Every single day, news reports come out of a new scam by Congress or its Ministers. Entire nation has been shamed with the extent to which Congress has gone and looted the nation. From CWG to the recent Railway recruitment scam, every where Congress has proved that their main motive while in power has been to amass as much money as possible so that they can use the same money to win the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

All major news channels predict a landslide victory for Congress while BJP will be crushed. While Congress is expected to easily cross 100 seats and end with a tally of around 115 seats, BJP is predicted to be not even reaching 50 seats comfortably. Today’s Chanakya even predicts a pathetic 31 seats for BJP while huge 143 tally for the Congress. In all probabilities it seems that BJP is set to lose the only state it had in South India.

A year before the General elections when BJP should have been focusing on increasing its voter base, it is now all set to lose one major state. The blame solely lies on the BJP think tank. They knew quite well that they do not have a single leader of the stature of Yeddyurappa in South India, still they went ahead to remove him from the party. Congress has scores of ministers with corruption cases against them but they refuse to remove them, but BJP plays moral cards and cuts its own foot everywhere.

Without a clear ambition, BJP is fast moving into oblivion and it will come as no surprise when in 2014 Congress will return back to power in India to scam the nation for the next 5 years as well.

Posted by admin on 6 May 2013 | 11:00 am

Narendra Modi Speaks on Women Empowerment

Addressing to the huge gathering of FICCI Ladies Organization, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Monday spoke about women empowerment, as he said. “”Now, women are two steps ahead of men. We need to recognize the power of women. Boys want to marry women who are working, times are changing. It should not be only for financial interest, the mindset should also change.”

Critizing the practice of female infanticide, he said, “Our ideas have only deteriorated with education; we are becoming more medieval than we were in the 18th century. In the 21st century, girls are aborted inside the mother’s womb. Both men and women have a role to play in this crime. This happens in Gujarat too. The data on female infanticide is shocking,”

Moreover, emphasizing on the fact that Women are supreme and are held in the highest respect in the country. He said, “A mother’s place is supreme in our culture and values. We call river Ganga our mother, India is also mother India. A mother’s place and a woman’s place in our country is supreme.”
“In Gujarat, if anyone buys property on the name of the woman of their family, they will not have to pay the stamp duty. In Gujarat’s schools, we ask for the mother’s name for the child’s admission, not the father’s,” Modi said.

“I don’t agree with westerners having the view that in India women are housewives,” Modi added and went on to give examples of women to highlight how Indian women can lead from the front and have entrepreneur qualities. “In Ahmedabad Jassu Behen’s pizza is very popular, people prefer those pizzas over Pizza Hut pizzas. Jassu Behen died 5 years back but her pizzas still capture the markets of Gujarat: Narendra Modi. Lijjat papad was started by Gujarat’s tribal women. It’s a model of entrepreneurship,” he said.

Further when moved on to the question and answer session, Modi was asked what he would do about the Women Reservation Bill ‘when he comes to power at the Centre’, He said, the Gujarat assembly had passed a legislation reserving 50 percent of all seats in local bodies to women, but it was yet to become law as Governor Kamla Beniwal had not signed it.

“It is our misfortune that it (legislation) is stuck although we have a woman governor.”

Besides, when Modi was asked his weaknesses, he said “Everyone has some weakness or the other. I too have shortcomings, but I work on my strong points. A lot of my weaknesses, I wouldn’t notice about myself. Please send your suggestions to my Facebook, Twitter IDs.”

Likewise, when asked about the work he has so far progressed in Gujarat, he took a dig over Congress and said “I have tried to repair the damage done by the Congress, but still there is a long way to go”

Posted by admin on 8 April 2013 | 6:34 am

BJP announces its new team on Sunday, emerges Modi as key core of the team.

Resting on to all the speculation, BJP President, Rajnath Singh announces its team on Sunday for the forthcoming election in 2014; declaring Narendra Singh Modi, the chief Minister of Gujarat as the key core member of the team

Narendra Singh Modi, member of BJP Party League and Chief Minister of Gujarat is often praised for his work on Industrialization in Western Gujarat and is seemingly a promising Prime Minister Candidature for our Country. As stated by BJP Spokesperson, Meenakshi Lekhi “The reign was done by the new party president keeping in mind the general elections of 2014. The party will announce the prime ministerial candidate when the time comes,”

Remarking the return of Modi after 6 years, BJP another party Spokesperson, Prakash Javadekar said, “Narendra Modiji is one of the popular leaders of the country, and that is why he is in the parliamentary board,”

Further he adds, “New and experienced faces are included in the team, as our aim is to win the 2014 elections and relieve the country of bad governance by the Congress.”

The key aspect that could be ruled out of this announcement is the clear vision of BJP to win the next Lok Sabha poll, a source revealed. Moreover, Modi is the only designated Chief Minister on the parliamentary board among all the selected members. Modi has secured his place in the party’s central election committee.

Beyond, party (BJP) has announced 80 members in the team to combat for the 2014 elections with 12 selected as vice presidents, 10 as general secretaries, 15 as secretaries, 7 as spokespersons, 12 as members of Central Parliamentary Board, 19 as members of Central Election Committee and 5 as members of Central Disciplinary Committee.

The team majorly comprise of Modi’s trusted aide and Gujarat’s former home minister Amit Shah, former central ministers Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Ananth Kumar, and Varun Gandhi. They all have secured their place in the party as General Secretaries. Whereas, Smriti Irani and Uma Bharti has been promoted as Vice Presidents of the Party (BJP). However, former finance minister Yashwant Sinha failed to find any place in the Party

Prakash Javadekar, Party Spokesperson has described the new team as “perfect and well balanced team”. Further adding that, “Rajnathji selected the team after consulting all the senior leaders in last seven-eight days. This new team is being accepted well by everyone. The team consists of experienced and new people. All sections of the society are well represented,”
Moreover he says, “Modi is the senior most chief minister and has become an icon of non corrupt leader. He is the most popular leader.”

Posted by admin on 31 March 2013 | 11:18 am



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