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Results for Karnataka Assembly Elections 2012

Political Party wise assembly results from Karnataka state elections:

BJP finishing on shameful 3rd position behind Congress and JD(S).

Karnataka: Total Constituencies -

Karnataka results have shown once again corrpution and price rise at the Center is not a reason for votes at the State Level. Karnataka has chosen Congress once again and Yeddyurappa is the one man who made it all possible. BJP cut its own foot in the state and is now solely responsible for the shameful defeat. Int he run up to the 2014 elections, BJP has now lost an important state.

Political Party Leads Declared
BJP 0 40
Congress 0 121
JD(S) 0 40
Others 0 22

Gujarat: Total Constituencies - 182

Gujarat has put its faith once more in Narendra Modi, while giving a humiliating defeat to Congress

Political Party No. of Seats
BJP 115
Congress 61
Others 4

Himachal Pradesh: Total Constituencies - 68

Congress manages to win Himachal despite rising prices, corruption and scam

Political Party No. of Seats
BJP 26
Congress 36
Others 6

Detailed coverage of 2012 Assembly results is here.

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