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. for political reform....
. CWG,2g,coalgate,RAILGATE, electricity,inflation,onion prices,tomato prices....
. AAP is new party come with the vision to root uot the corruption which is ....
. dosto aane wale 2014 lokshbha me bjp ko vote dekr modi ji pm banana aur kh....
. INC and BJP shananigans are understandable in Face of the fact that both a....
. somebody has rightly said. Ignorance is bless!....
. Dude Congress in no way going to win , BJP & AAP will share majority of se....
. are you joking. mere bhai ....
. AAP and BJP will not win. Congress will Rule again. what you think peoples....

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Assembly Poll!
Which party will remove corruption in Tamil Nadu?

India mini .gifAssembly Electionsmini .gifTamil Nadu State Elections

Tamil Nadu Vidhansabha Polls 2016

Tamil Nadu Assembly Election Results 2011

Tamil Nadu marks the southernmost boundary of India and is spread across 511 sq kms. It's India's 11th largest state and seventh largest in terms of population.

Tamil Nadu has already seen 13 assembly elections and the state politics has always revolved around few prominent personalities. Congress was a powerful force in the state till the mid 1960s. But anti-Hindu protests and mass agitations soon made DMK the popular choice and in 1967 DMK's Annadurai became the Chief Minister. After Annadurai's death in 1969, M Karunanidhi became the C M. 1972 saw one of the biggest political forces to emerge from Tamil Nadu, M G Ramachandran. M G broke from DMK and floated his own party ADMK, which was later renamed as AIADMK. MG was the CM of the state from 1977 to 1987, the year he died. J Jayalalithaa was later elected as General Secretary of AIADMK. Since then, it has been a clear war between DMK and AIADMK, or Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa, with voters choosing either of the two in subsequent elections.

Over the past decade, some smaller parties have found favour with the voters. Vijayakanth's DMDK, Vaiko's MDMK and Ramdoss's PMK along with Congress, all have the capability to become the king makers, in case a clear majority is not achieved by DMK and AIADMK.

Some facts on Tamil Nadu Assembly Polls 2011:

State Districts Total Constituencies Electoral Rolls Polling Stations
Tamil Nadu 30 234 (44 for SC and 2 for ST) 4,59,50,620 54,016

Tamil Nadu Polls 2011 Schedule:

Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2011

Tamil Nadu Elections 2011 will be held in one phase only. Election is scheduled on 13th April 2011. The counting of votes will be done on 13th May (Friday).

  1st Phase Dates
Date of issue of Notification 19.3.2011 (Saturday) 
Last Date for Nominations 26.3.2011 (Saturday) 
Date for Scrutiny 28.3.2011 (Monday) 
Last Candidature Withdrawl Date 30.3.2011 (Wednesday) 
Date of Polls 13.4.2011 (Wednesday) 
Date before which election will be completed 16.5.2011 (Monday) 

Tamil Nadu Election Results:

General Elections 2009:

In the 2009 General Elections, DMK won 18 seats as compared to just 9 by AIADMK. Congress made its presence felt by winning 8 seats. Detailed Tamil Nadu election results are here.

Assembly Results for TN in 2006:

Karunanidhi's DMK made strategic alliances with Congress and PMK for the 2006 assembly polls. As a result, though DMK polled less voteshare than AIADMK, it won more seats. With a 26.4% voteshare, DMK won 96 seats, while a 32.52% voteshare gave AIADMK just 61 seats.

Political Party No. of Seats Constituents
DMK+ 163 DMK-96, INC-34, PMK-18,CPM-9,CPI-6
Others 1 DMDK-1
Independents 1

Detailed coverage of Tamil Nadu 2006 Assembly results is here.

Tamil Nadu Assembly Constituencies for 2011 Polls

There would be a total of 234 Vidhansabha seats from 30 districts of Tamil Nadu going to polls for Tamil Nadu elections 2011.

Click the district names below to get election information on the constituencies:

Districtwise Tamil Nadu Constituencies For 2016 Elections

rajusundaram   bahrain

Friday, March 16, 2012


manimaran.k   marandahalli

Friday, January 6, 2012

i need new voter id list in palacode taluk

priya   chennai

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mr. ebi.. it is not at all wrong in giving our property to our son or daughter. But snatching people's and giving that to our son and daughter is a crime. First be clear in this. What is ur answer for 1,70,000,00 crore money ? People done the right job in this election. Hatsoff to them. But still lot of people are still illiterate like you. he gave one rupee rice and increased the price of all other commodities. dont u feel this? dont u know abt the power cut? dont know aware of the prices of fuel? be specific before blaming people. do you want other people to be an illiterate like you. get lost.

sharu   Myanmar

Monday, May 16, 2011

dear sister..100% correct what u said.hatsoff to u and all of tamil nadu peoples who voted any party apart from DMK

ebi   karaikudi

Monday, May 16, 2011

u fool he only introduced 108,kalaingar kappittu thittam.he filled al d vaccancies in govt...? and he served private people also..i dont want to mention oolis fellows...so on.,wat she gave to u ? u ruled everything and taiking bad ah...wait wait jayalalitha will give 1,70,000,00 crore dash to you.... then you will satisfied wit tat dash..
if u want slipper means ask her she is havin varieties of slipper...ohh wait she wil buy new patterns in the 5yrs buy tat...she was also ruled beore in the tamilnadu so that compare that...get lost...give respect and take respect

Bhargav   Chennai

Monday, May 16, 2011

**** Do Not use Foul Language ****

Ezhilan   Bangalore

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Price hike in TN coz of Kalaignar....what a foolish thought it is...I stay in Bangalore....Rates higher when compared to TN. Is this coz of Kalaignar. Now Jaya has given 20 Kgs Rice at free of cost. Then acc to u guys it means that price rates will still get hiked in in Jammu & Kashmir in next 5 years. Acc to TN should be ruled by a Tamil. Not By a Telugu-Viajaykant or Kannadathi-Jayalalitha.

ebi   karaikudi

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MR Ezhilan, yeah yeah wat u said is absolutely correct....

Rajesh T   Chennai

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Whoever can ruled tamilnadu but the thing is how they fulfill the poor people needs. You said that tamil only ruled tamil nadu. As a tamizhan y u stay in Bangalore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ravisankar   Vellore

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kannadigas and Tamilians are brothers and sisters and friends. And India is for kujarathees, maradheese, assameese, kashmirees, telugu's, kannadigas, tamils, malayalis, and who all are want to peacefully live in india. Those who want to see difference in language, color, skin, religion, river, north idian, south indian, madharasi, dravidian, aryan. those all are please go to pakistan or srilanka or(hell). People like you are allowing one foreign lady's family ruling your country. But you are not accepting your own blood relative brothers and sisters. Sorry if anything wrong in my comment. please think wisely..

priya    chennai

Thursday, May 19, 2011

ebi.. after seeing ur comment, i thought of a proverb " poosani pona edam theriyala.. kadugu pona edatha thedura " his corruption is standing like gaint and u r talking about 108 etc etc..(all kadugu things).. are you ok ebi? i think this summer is too hot in chennai.. is it more in karaikudi? it affected ur mental health.. tell me one thing.. if u see smile on farmers, govt employees, i think ur karunanithi should have lost with some minimum differences .. rite? i think this lost is a history in tn elections. y dont the smiled farmers and govt employees and ur 108 ppl , kalaignar kappittu thittam ppl voted him and made him to lose proudly... in this election 86% ppl voted ADMK.. i m happy that only 24% of ppl in tn is fool like you.

ebi   karaikudi

Friday, May 20, 2011

I think priya..Aleready u r mentally affected and as of now as u said due to hot in chennai...totally collapsed and not ready to taik brillantly as jayalalitha...mind ur words...be carefull...first u learn how to talk then give ur comments....i think u r joblesssssssssssss....

selvan   Tirunelveli

Friday, June 3, 2011


bhargav   Chennai

Monday, May 16, 2011

**** Do Not use Foul Language ****

subramani   nilakkottai

Monday, July 11, 2011

hello priya miss, due to reason for minimising the spectrom cost , the govt earnd more than that money thro recharge coupen sales tax for state nd centrel . mind it.

subramani   nilakkottai

Monday, July 11, 2011

samaseer kalvi spoiled. bt students will going to care sheep nd cow. wait nd see. this is our tamilnadu at now.

MURUGAN   chennai

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Both are in same page. we can not expect liks Mr.Annadura Mr.Kamarajar. Are you ready to become a olitical leade than i will vote for you. we need to remove all political people and make new constitution law for real republic country .

Divya Uthamaraj   Chennai

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy morning GUYS........I think so,here we no need to speak about any of the parties..Because everybody is miss using their designation and as well as the strength of thier posting means designation only..
In my point of you the new and the young person has to come forward to the politics..Just let us give a chance to them..
Before that everyone has to think I am the person who is the chief minister..
Because Chief minister is for us only...But we are not for them.. First everyone has to think about it..We no need to depend on any one...because i am an INDIAN who is having all the freedom which is applicable only when the thing is absolutely correct..

Divya Uthamaraj   Chennai

Saturday, October 22, 2011

""ILAVASAM""-Do u know the meaning for it...
"CAN'T YOU ?????????????????"
let me catch you back later....

Divya uthamaraj...,

Kumar   Chennai

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dear all, first we are Indians and then concern language / states concerned. there is no 2nd thought. But each and every State is ruling by the respective language belonged person to that State then why always Tamils blamed by others always. Don t forget that Corruption is everywhere and politics is like business in India. No restriction to start a party in India. But in Tamilnadu as a non politician I wish to point out whenever DMK came to power some good projects & Schemes done though corruption. But there is nothing done in AIADMK rules.But corruption is wider than DMK. There is not even a single good thing or schemes done. In DMK there is family rule, in AIADMK ruled by other family rule . This is diff. Sufferer is a common man like us

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