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Assembly Poll!
Has Mayawati helped UP improve?

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Uttar Pradesh Vidhansabha Polls 2017 - Page 20

UP Election Results 2017

Uttar Pradesh is India's most populous state and quite naturally has the highest number of districts and assembly constituencies in India. Main Contenders for the 2017 polls are BJP and BSP, SP and Congress.

Some facts on Uttar Pradesh Assembly Polls 2017:

Districts: 75
Assembly Constituencies: 403
Electoral Rolls: 86,728,324
Polling Stations: 1,23,459

UP Elections 2017 Phases:

UP will go to polls in 7 different phases starting on Feb 11th 2017 and ending on Mar 8th 2017. Results was be declared on 11th March 2017.

Date of Poll  11.02.17 (Saturday 15.02.17 (Wednesday 19.02.17 (Sunday 23.02.17 (Thursday 27.02.17 (Tuesday 04.03.17 (Tuesday)  08.03.2017 (Wednesday
Counting of Votes  11.03.2017 (Saturday)  11.03.2017 (Saturday)  11.03.2017 (Saturday)  11.03.2017 (Saturday)  11.03.2017 (Saturday)  11.03.2017 (Saturday)  11.03.2017 (Saturday) 

Uttar Pradesh Election Results:

General Elections 2014:

In the 2014 General Elections in Uttar Pradesh, 80 Lok Sabha seats was held in six phases on 10, 17, 24, 30 April and 7, 12 May 2014.The total voter strength of Uttar Pradesh was 134,351,297.

Assembly Results for UP in 2012:

The incumbent chief minister Mayawati's Bahujan Samaj Party, which previously won an absolute majority of seats, was defeated by Mulayam Singh Yadav's Samajwadi Party, which gained an absolute majority in the election. Mulayam's son and Samajwadi party president Akhilesh Yadav was nominated as chief minister by the party.

Assembly Results for UP in 2007:

Despite being a large state, UP has generally seen a one party rule. Mayawati had a clear majority in 2006 polls winning 206 seats, while SP faired pretty bad with just 97 seats. Detailed coverage of Uttar Pradesh 2007 Assembly results is here.

UP Election Results 2012: What a victory for SP and what a defeat for Rahul Gandhi and Congress. Just after Bihar elections, UP also showed that Rahul gandhi doesn't really bring in votes for Congress.

Districtwise Uttar Pradesh Constituencies For 2017 Elections
AgraAligarhAllahabadAmbedkar Nagar
FatehpurFirozabadGautam Buddha NagarGhaziabad
JaunpurJhansiJyotiba Phule NagarKannauj
Kanpur DehatKanpur NagarKaushambiKheri
Kushi NagarLalitpurLucknowMahamaya Nagar
MuzaffarnagarPilibhitPratapgarhRae Bareli
RampurSaharanpurSant Kabir NagarSant Ravidas Nagar

Sonia's contempt for laws of India   DOESNT MATTER

Thursday, February 16, 2012

After Sonia married Rajiv, she and her Italian family aided by friend and Snam Progetti’s New Delhi resident Ottavio Quattrocchi, went about minting money with scant regard for Indian laws and treasures. Within a few years the Mainos rose from utter poverty to become billionaires [see Annexure-14].
There was no area that was left out for the rip-off. On November 19, 1974, as fresh entrant to Parliament, I had asked the then Prime Minister Ms. Indira Gandhi on the floor of the House if her daughter-in-law, Sonia Gandhi, was acting as an insurance agent of a public sector insurance company[Oriental Fire&Insurance], giving the Prime Minister’s official residence as her business address, and using undue influence to get insured the officers of the PMO, while remaining as an Italian citizen[thus violating FERA]. There was an uproar in Parliament, but Mrs. Indira Gandhi had no alternative but to cut her losses. She made a rare admission in a written reply a few days later that it indeed was so, and that it was by mistake, but that Sonia had resigned from her insurance agency[after my question]. But Sonia was incorrigible. Her contempt for Indian law continued to manifest.

The Supreme Court Justice A.C. Gupta Commission set up by the Janata Party government in 1977 came out with a voluminous report on the Maruti Company then owned by the Gandhi family, and has listed eight violations of FERA, Companies Act, and Foreigners Registration Act by Sonia Gandhi. She was never prosecuted, but can still be prosecuted because under Indian law, economic crimes are not subject to the statute of limitation.

In January 1980, Indira Gandhi returned as Prime Minister. The first thing Sonia did was to enroll herself as a voter. This was a gross violation of the law, enough to cause cancellation of her visa [since she was admittedly an Italian citizen then]. There was some hullabaloo in the press about it, so the Delhi Chief Electoral Officer got her name deleted in 1982. But in January 1983, she again enrolled herself as a voter even while as a foreigner [she first applied for citizenship in April 1983] (see Annexure-15).

More recently, A.G. Noorani is his book: Citizen’s Rights, Judges, and State Accountability records [page 318] that Ms. Sonia Gandhi had made available to a foreign national the secret papers of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru obviously illegally in her possession, and comments as follows:
“Sonia Gandhi has no right to hold them in her possession at all, let alone decide whom to accord permission for access to them”

Such is her revealed disdain for Indian laws and that is her mindset even today. She suffers from a neo-imperialist mentality.

Sonia's Introduction in India bySubramaniamSwa   Hindoostan

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ms. Sonia Gandhi upon learning enough English, became a waitress in Varsity Restaurant in Cambridge town. She first met Rajiv when he came to the restaurant in 1965. Rajiv was a student in the University, but could not cope with the academic rigour for long. So he had to depart in 1966 for London where he was briefly in Imperial College of Engineering as a student. Sonia too moved to London, and according my information, got a job with an outfit run by Salman Thassir, a debonair Pakistani based in Lahore, and who has a export-import company headquartered in Dubai but who spends most of his time in London. This fits the profile of a ISI functionary.
Obviously, Sonia made enough money in this job to loan Rajiv funds in London, who was living beyond his allowances [Indira herself had expressed anguish to me on this score in late 1965 when I was a young Harvard professor of economics. She had invited me to a private tea at the Guest House in Brandeis University where she was staying].

Rajiv’s letters to Sanjay filed in Delhi High Court by P.N. Lekhi [see Annexure-9] clearly indicate that he was in financial debt to Sonia because he requested Sanjay also in UK then, and who obviously had more access to money, to pay off the debt.

However, Rajiv was not the only friend Sonia was seeing those days. Madhavrao Scindia and a German by name Stiegler are worth mentioning as other good friends of Sonia. Madhavrao’s friendship continued even after Sonia’s marriage to Rajiv. Scindia in 1982 was involved in a traffic accident near IIT, Delhi main gate while driving a car at 2 AM. Sonia was the only other passenger. Both were badly injured. A student of IIT who was burning midnight oil was out for a cup of coffee. He picked them up from the car, hailed an auto rickshaw and sent an injured Sonia to Mrs Indira Gandhi’s house since she insisted in not going to a hospital. Madhavrao had broken a leg and in too much pain to make any demand. He was taken to hospital by the Delhi Police who had arrived a little after Sonia had left the scene.

In later years, Madhavrao had become privately critical of Sonia, and told some close friends about his apprehensions about her. It is a pity that he died in mysterious circumstances in an as yet uninvestigated aircrash of his private plane in the year 2001. Mani Shankar Aiyar and Shiela Dikshit were to be on that flight too, but were asked to stay behind at the last moment.

The circumstance under which Rajiv hastily married Sonia in a Church in Orbassano is controversial, but that was his personal matter which has no public significance. What however is of public significance is that Indira Gandhi who was initially dead set against the marriage for reasons known to her, relented to hold a registry marriage with Hindu ceremonial trappings in New Delhi only after the pro-Soviet T.N. Kaul prevailed upon her to accept the marriage in “the larger interest of cementing Indo-Soviet Friendship”. Kaul would not have intervened unless the Soviet Union had not asked him to.

Sausage Government in West Bengal: War on Hindus   Kerala

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bengal, the land of Land of Swami Vivekananda, Rabindra Natha Tagore, Aravind Gosh, and Srila Prabhubhat is under siege. The anti National Congress Party, the Mindless Marxist party and now the Trinamool Congress headed by the criminal gang leader Mamtha Banerji made Bengal in much the same way as a sausage. Bengal is now a blend of Fanatic Muslims, Communist and Maoist ideologies and missionary fascists--all ground together, yet retaining the flavor of its various parts.

Yesterday the criminal, fascist police in west Bengal has arrested our beloved Hindu Leader Tapan Ghosh. for no obvious reason. Media reports in chilling detail the criminal transformation of and Islamization of West Bengal Police under Mamatha Banerji. People in Bengal are now appalled by crime, violence, suicide, alcohol and other drug addiction, poverty, unemployment, corruption, labor unrest, bureau pathology, budget deficits, Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, Muslim, Christian appeasement, destruction of forest land, and de-valuing of traditional heritage. Hindu culture and virtues had been supplemented or displaced by the communist slogans of class warfare, power for the proletariat, distribution of wealth, and revolutionary slogans. Using every means, including subversion, psychological warfare, terrorism, disinformation, economic warfare, murder, intimidation, and labor unrest, the Communists and the pseudo secular congress leaders have pursued a deliberate, concerted, long-range program to subvert and destroy Hindu culture and to produce maximum chaos. Traditional Hindu virtues and spirituality that hold the society together are described as vices and subverted more subtly and radically for the well being of the communist proletariat, Muslims and the converted Christians. . The mounting turmoil-moral, social, political, economic and religious-is the devastating result of the planned destruction of Bengal by the Congress, the Communists, Muslims and their cohorts. . They have waged psychological warfare, carrying forward their mission to capture the minds of Hindus. Their diabolic technique is to intensify the attack upon the mind-to eradicate Hindu view of life and to achieve the conversion of Hindus to alien dogmas hostile to Hindu Dharma. For long, these radical departures from our eternal Hindu Dharma passed without resistance.

Now under the leadership and guidance of Tapan Ghosh Hindus of West Bengal is waking up. Alarmed by the increase and intensity of Hindu awakening, the Islamic appeasing government is alarmed and with the help of Jihadi terrorists want to crush the Hindu movement.

It is time for everyone from politicians to teacher, to students, to journalists to focus on the forces behind the de-construction and de-valuation of our Bengal society. Prior to the introduction of Islam, and Christian colonialism, Bengal was more civil, more peaceful, more human and religious and culturally vibrant. The traditional family was firmly established, art, music, literature, and cottage industry proliferated; and cultural institutions continued to thrive.

For several years, Islamists and Christian colonialists and the congress-Communist Fascist alliance have transformed working class into industrial proletariat and exercised its “hegemony” over a docile workforce and citizenry. One of the ‘social control” is that instead of liberating the labor class, Marxists demeaned them as the unwitting victims of “false Consciousness”. Unable to practice their life supporting Hindu samskaras, students, workers, farmers and artists were easily persuaded to accept the values of their oppressors. Successive governments in Bengal have used sophisticated brainwashing techniques to socialize gullible Hindus against their own best interests.

By mind manipulation techniques, the Islamiized-communist-congress governments were successful in degrading Hinduism into secularism and proceeded to de-value and trans-value the sacred Dharma, to creat

Abhisek    U.P

Thursday, February 16, 2012

S. No. Constituency No. & Name Name of Candidates
1 154. Sawayazpur Shri Maghvendra Singh Ranu
2 155. Shahabad Shri Akhilesh Pathak
3 156. Hardoi Shri Shailendra Singh Bhawani
4 157.Gopamau (SC) Smt. Kavita Chandra
5 158. Sandi (SC) Shri Ramgopal Rajvanshi
6 159. Bilgram Mallanwan Shri Abhay Shankar Shukla
7 160. Balamau (SC) Shri Raj Kishore Verma, State Gen. Secy. S.C. Morcha)
8 161. Sandila Shri Vedvert Bajpai
9 162. Bangermau Shri Rama Shankar Pal
10 163. Safipur (SC) Shri Radheyshyam Rawat
11 164.Mohan (SC) Shri Mastram
12 165. Unnao Shri Pankaj Gupta
13 166. Bhagwantnagar Smt. Punam Shukla
14 167. Purwa Shri Amarnath Lodhi
15 168. Malihabad (SC) Shri Rajesh Rawat
16 169. Bakshi Kaa Talab Shri Sanjay Singh
17 170. Sarojini Nagar Shri Virendra Tiwari
18 171. Lucknow West Shri Suresh Shrivasta, MLA
19 172. Lucknow North Shri Gopal Tandon
20 173. Lucknow East Shri Kalraj Mishra
21 174. Lucknow Central Shri Vidhyasagar Gupta, MLA
22 175. Lucknow Cantt. Shri Suresh Tiwari, MLA
23 176.Mohanlalganj (SC) Smt. Purnima Verma
24 177. Bachhrawan (SC) Dr. M.D. Pasi
25 178. Tiloi Shri Mahendra Singh
26 179. Harchandpur Shri Narendra Singh Bhandari
27 180. Rae Bareli Shri Sushil Sharma
28 181. Salon (SC) Shri Dal Bahadur Kori, Ex-Minister
29 182. Sareni Shri Dhirendra Bahadur Singh
30 183. Unchahar Shri Ramesh Mourya
31 192. Kaimganj (SC) Shri Amar Singh Khatik
32 193.Amritpur Shri Sushil Shakya
33 194. Farrukhabad Maj. Sunil Dutt Dwedi
34 195. Bhojpur Shri Sourabh Singh Rathore
35 196. Chhibramau Smt. Archna Pandey
36 197. Tirwa Shri Alok Verma
37 198. Kannauj (SC) Shri Banwari Lal Dohre
38 232. Tindwari Shri Balram Singh
39 233. Baberu Shri Ajay Patel
40 234. Naraini (SC) Shri Rajkaran Kabir
41 235. Banda Shri Prabhakar Awasthi
42 236. Chitrakoot Shri Chandrika Prasad Upadhyay
43 237. Manikpur Smt. Pushpa Mishra
44 238. Jahanabad Shri Manoj Shukla
45 239. Bindki Shri Rajendra Singh Patel
46 240. Fatehpur Shri Radhe Shyam Gupta
47 241. Ayah Shah Shri Hiralal Nishad
48 242. Husainganj Shri Ranvendra Pratap Singh
49 243. Khaga (SC) Smt. Krishna Paswan
50 244. Rampur Khas Shri Dudhnath Verma
51 245. Babaganj (SC) Shri Lallulal Bharti
52 246. Kunda Shri Tribhuvan Dutt Mishra Tandan
53 247. Vishwanath Ganj Shri Sushil Singh
54 248. Pratapgarh Shri Hari Pratap Singh, Ex-MLA
55 249. Patti Shri Moti Singh
56 250. Raniganj Shri Laxmi Narayan Pandey

Hindu Samhati President Tapan Ghosh arrested    UNIVERSE

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just after the successful completion of the 4th anniversary (HINDU SAMHATI FOUNDATION DAY) of Hindu Samhati, the Kolkata Police followed its President, Tapan Kumar Ghosh with a definite planning to arrest him under the higher instruction of the West Bengal State Authority. Within three hours the Police Contingent of Jadavpur PS arrested him in late evening against a warrant issued out of Jadavpur P.S. Case No. 52/dt 05.02.2012 u/s 295 A, 298 and 120 B (IPC). As per source, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee is very much shocked after seeing a successful grand rally for Hindu demands to stop Muslim appeasement and Islamic insurgency in West Bengal.

It is held by the analyser that some hectic process is going on West Bengal Police Head Quarter at Lalbazar, Kolkata to some severe (but false charges) against the arrested leaders to put down his Hindu Activism.

As reported an Islamist organization is going to protest in Kolkata streets near Esplanade on 15th Feb, 2012 with a demand to ban Hindu Samhati as they think it a prime face against Muslim design to capture West Bengal under a broadened corridor of Bangladesh. Arresting Tapan Ghosh, Mamta banerjee is trying to give a sharp message in favour her pro-Islamic Stand.

Sri Tapan Ghosh is now detained in Jadavpur Police Station and in good health condition

Vinod kumar chauhan   noida

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Main to itna hi kahunga ki app logo ne apne jeevan main sab partyion ko moka diya hai aur yesi koi party nahin hai jo brast na ho lekin aap logo ke beech main ek party ne aur bhag liya hai'BAHUJAN SAMAJ VIKASH PARTY,ek baar inko bhi mouka deke dekho
kyon ki abhi tak sari party brastachar se bhari hui hain
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Districtwise Uttar Pradesh Constituencies For 2017 Elections
AgraAligarhAllahabadAmbedkar Nagar
FatehpurFirozabadGautam Buddha NagarGhaziabad
JaunpurJhansiJyotiba Phule NagarKannauj
Kanpur DehatKanpur NagarKaushambiKheri
Kushi NagarLalitpurLucknowMahamaya Nagar
MuzaffarnagarPilibhitPratapgarhRae Bareli
RampurSaharanpurSant Kabir NagarSant Ravidas Nagar

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