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Bollywood Movie Andhadhun

Title :


Released On :Friday, October 5, 2018
Genres :Thriller
Country :India
Production :Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Producer :Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Director :Sriram Raghavan
Cast : Ayushman Khurana
Music Director :Raftaar, Amit Trivedi
Singer :Bali Brahmabhatt
A farmer hunts a pesky rabbit in a cabbage field beside a highway. the rabbit seems visually impaired but manages to escape the farmer. As it hides behind a milestone on the highway the farmer spots it and takes aim with his gun. Akash (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a blind and talented pianist in search of inspiration. He spends his time fervently attempting to complete a musical piece which is an example of his finest art. The only people seemingly aware of his innocuous presence initially are a neighbouring kid who keeps testing him in attempts to see if he is truly blind, and a pet cat named Rani. Akash is knocked over while crossing the road one day by Sophie (Radhika Apte) whose father owns a diner. Sophie is awed by Akash's talent and gets him a gig at the diner where he is noticed by yesteryear actor Pramod Sinha (Anil Dhawan). Pramod is seemingly married blissfully to Simi (Tabu) and to commemorate their wedding anniversary, invites Akash over for a private concert to his apartment. Sophie drops him back to his flat, whereupon it is revealed that Akash can see, as he watches Sophie drive away. Sophie is oblivious to this, however, and the two develop a relationship. When Akash reaches Pramod Sinha's flat, Simi opens the door and is reluctant to let him in, but does so when she sees that her neighbour is watching the exchange. Simi is convinced Akash is blind and allows him to play the piano inside. Akash begins, but immediately notices a body nearby. He is forced to continue to play the piano as if he is unaware of this fact however, given that he is blind. Akash excuses himself and goes to the bathroom whereupon he sees Inspector Manohar (Manav Vij) hiding but is forced to act as if he is unaware of him, since he is assumed to be blind. On his return to the piano, he manages to identify the body as that of Pramod Sinha. Simi and Manohar (who were lovers) clean the body up silently and put it in a suitcase to be disposed off while Akash resumes playing the piano - supposedly unaware. It is also shown in a flashback that Pramod had lied to his wife about a supposed trip to Bangalore, but had, in reality, gone to bring anniversary gifts as a surprise for his wife. Afterwards, Akash attempts to report the murder but is unable to, as he discovers that Manohar is an inspector in the police station. As Inspector Manohar would know Akash was aware the whole time, Akash finally ends up lying about the boy living downstairs, and convicts him of killing his cat-Rani to change the reason of his approaching the police. Simi manages to kill the neighbour who had also noticed Manohar's entry into the flat, once again in the unwitting Akash's presence, who is forced to continue his charade of being unaware of either of the murders. Both Manohar and Simi continue to browbeat Akash, perpetually testing him to ascertain if he was really blind. Akash finally cracks when Simi manages to pour poison in his coffee in front of him, in an attempt to ascertain if he was really blind. Akash then insists that he doesn't want any problems, and just wants to leave for a concert in London. He then tells Simi that he faked the blindness as part of a social experiment in one of his pursuits for inspiration as an artist. However, he begins to choke, realising that a peda Simi had given him earlier was poisoned. Retching, he collapses. Sophie comes by, and sees that the neighbouring child had recorded a video of Akash moving and seeing his way about like a normal person. Furious and heartbroken, she leaves him. Akash wakes up and realises he cannot see, and fervently washes his eyes. He realises he has been blinded and demands that Simi restore his sight. Simi tells him to focus on his art and that no one would believe his story of her guilt on the two murders since he was a blind man, and leaves. After a discussion with Manohar, they decide that blinding Akash wouldn't be enough as he could still reveal details, and Manohar comes back to finish the job. After a tense struggle Akash escapes out to the road, faints and comes to in a shady clinic, which is revealed to be a front for illicit organ harvesting. The doctor (Zakir Hussain) Swami and his assistants decide to spare Akash and help him in his quest for gaining money required to reverse his blinding. They kidnap and subdue Simi and blackmail Manohar into bringing Rs 1 Cr to a specified location. At this point several twists come about. Each, motivated by the assistants' greed and exacerbated by Akash's blindness. The assistants trap Manohar in a lift, ( one of them getting shot and dying in the process). Meanwhile, they tie Akash up with Simi in order to claim the entire 1Cr and Akash, out of desperation, removes Simi's blindfold. Akash, having freed himself, attempts to escape in his blind state, not getting anywhere, while Simi frees herself and attacks him. Dr Swami enters and the two of them subdue Simi. Dr Swami and Akash tie Simi in the trunk of a car and begin driving. Dr Swami reveals his plans to harvest Simi's organs for 6 Cr rupees and pay for Akash's cornea transplant, but Akash is morally perturbed by the notion. The movie now changes to a location in Europe, 2 years later. A travelling Sophie meets Akash (still apparently blind with dark glasses) at one of his gigs in Europe, where he tells her the entire story It seems the car stopped on the road and Simi came to in the trunk and started making noise. Dr Swami dismisses Akash's scruples and goes to the trunk of the car where he is swiftly overpowered by Simi. Simi then takes control of the car. Akash, thinking that it is still Swami at the wheel, continues to try to convince him to let Simi go. Hearing this, Simi drops Akash off and drives off but changes her mind and turns around, intending to run him over, when the same rabbit from the first scene smashes into her windshield, causing her to lose control and crash, and the car explodes killing Simi with it . Sophie hears the entire story and commiserates. She says Akash should have harvested Simi's organs and gotten his sight back. Akash looks at her meaningfully and leaves with the help of his stick with a rabbit on it. Once out of sight, he uses the stick to smartly swat a can out his path. Leaving us in doubt whether he can see and whether the story he told Sophie is true or not.

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