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Hindu calendar is a combination of dates and rules as given by the Vedas and later reformed by Aryabhata, Varahamihira and Bhaskara on the basis of known rules of astronomy. Hinduism believes there are four eras that cover the entire history of Universe and we are living in the last era now. The four eras are Krita yug, Treta yug, Dvapara yug and Kali yug.

The Hindu calendar starts with local sunrise and has five properties or panchangas:

1. Ttithi, or 30 divisions that form a month,

2. Vaasara or weekdays: The "vaars" are based on names similar to the western calendars: Ravi (sun), Soma(moon), Mangala(mars), Budha(mercury), Guru/Brihaspati(Jupiter), Shukra(Venus), Shanti(Saturn).

3. Nakshatra represents 27 divisons of moon cycle against fixed stars. Nakshatras hold a special place in Hindu religion as even to date people wear stones and do religious duties to please their Grah-Nakshatras.

4. Yoga: Yoga refers to alignment and takes into account longitude of the sun and moon to divide the time in 27 different parts.

5. Karana: There are four fixed and seven repeating Karanas according to the Hindu calendar.

The Hindu lunar calendar has 12 months:

1. Kartika: 30 days
2. Agrahayana or Margashirsha: 30 days
3. Pausha: 30 days
4. Magah: 30 days
5. Phalguna: 30 days
6. Chaitra: 30 days
7. Vaishakha: 31 days
8. Jyaishtha: 31 days
9. Ashadha: 31 days
10. Shravana: 31 days
11. Bhaadra or Bhadrapada: 31 days
12. Ashwin: 30 days

You can view the current moon phase here:

  2011 Calendar 2012 Calendar 2013 Calendar 2014 Calendar 2015 Calendar 2016 Calendar
January 13th (Thur) Lohri 14th (Fri) Makar Sankranti / Pongal        
February 2nd (Wed) Mauni Amavasya 8th (Tue) Vasant Panchami 15th (Tue) Milad un Nabi      
March 3rd (Thur) Maha Shivratri 19th (Sat) Holika Dahan 20th (Sun) Holi / Hola Mohalla      
April 4th (Mon) Gudi Padva 12th (Tuesday) Ram Navmi 14th (Thur) Baisakhi 22nd (Fri) Good Friday 24th (Sun) Easter  
May 17th (Tue) Buddha Purnima          
June 21st (Tue) Ganga Dussehra          
July 3rd (Sun) Rath Yatra 15th (Fri) Guru Poornima        
Aug 1st (Mon) Ramadan Beginning 4th (Thur) Naag Panchami 13th (Sat) Raksha Bandhan 22nd (Mon) Janmashtami 30th (Tue) Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramadan Ends)  
Sep 1st (Thur) Ganesh Chaturathi 9th (Fri) Onam 28th (Wed) Navratra Begins      
Oct 3rd (Mon) Durga Puja Begins 6th (Thur) Dussehra 16th (Sun) Karva Chauth 26th (Wed) Diwali 27th (Thur) Govardhan Puja 28th (Fri) Bhai Duj
Nov 10th (Thur) Guru Nanak Jayanti 24th (Thur) Thanksgiving Day 26th (Sat) Muharram      
Dec 25th (Sun) Christmas          

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