New Delhi's Preparations for hosting Commonwealth Games 2010

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New Delhi Prepares for CWG 2010 Games

Scheduled from Oct 3rd to Oct 14th 2010, New Delhi is aggressively prepairing for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Delhi Metro trains, new flyovers, world class buses and better bus shelters are being developed to give Delhi a much needed facelift. The famous Connaught Place area is being restored to its past glory, Rajpath area is being rejuvenated while all historic monuments are getting back to life.

Athletes and Tourist Facilities

Apart from these physical changes in the look of Delhi, a lot of amenities are planned for the athletes and tourists visting for CWG 2010. For athletes, free accommodation, modern and comfortable Games Village, round the clock security, pollution-free environment and a state-of-the-art health facility will be provided. Reserved lane for the participating athletes and a free trip to World Monument The Taj Mahal will also be provided.

To aid the visiting tourists, a program to teach English to the cab drivers, waiters and other staffs, who'd come in contact with the tourists, has been launched. Tourists generally face severe hassle by the beggars in Delhi. So, The Delhi high Court is planning to relocate migrant beggars from Delhi streets by either sending them back to their native places or allowing them to remain in Govt shelters.

Environment Considerations

To take care of the environment and prevent any degradation to it because of the Games, India has taken an initiative by naming the games as the "Green Games". The aim is to manage the negative environmental effects due to the Games by focussing on waste management, anti-litter efforts, tree planting campaigns, effective transport management, use of renewable enrgy sources and water management. Delhi Metro stations has already been equipped with rainwater harvesting infrastructure and is also equipping 1600 out of 2500 bus shelters with solar panels.

The new buildings constructed for the Games will be green buildings meaning they will focus on efficiently using energy, water and other resources, protect its occupant's health and also reduce waste. Thyagaraja Sports Complex is being developed on similar principles.

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