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mini The elections of 2009 will mark the 15th Lok Sabha Electionmini Voting scheduled from Apr 16th to May 13th, with Results on May 16thmini 714 million voters, 43m more than elections of 2004mini 8,28,804 polling stations, 1.36m EVMs, 4m civic officials, 2.1m security officialsmini Photo electoral rolls to be used for first time in 522 of total 543 constituenciesmini Total expenditure estimated to be around Rs. 10,000 croremini A polling booth in the interiors of Gir forest in Junagadh has one votermini In Chhattisgarh, one polling booth has been made for just two votersmini In Arunachal Pradesh, three booths have been made for three voters each

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An Appeal to Choose Candidates Wisely

India is a country of diversity, and it is exactly this diversity which brings us strength. But more often then not, we all have misused this diversity. We don't stand united when needed, we fight over caste, creed and religion, we push others down to move up, we use short-cut methods and loop holes in Govt. policies to make black money for ourselves...

But this is the time it all has to be stopped. If we want to prosper individually and as a nation, we'll have to change the way we think. The first direction in this regard will be the way we vote in the India 2009 Elections. Let us take a pledge not to vote on basis of caste, creed or religion or on the name of a political party. Remember, none of these political outfits have looked after you for the past 60 years since Independence. We have elected and re-elected some people. There are many who have hold the post iof MP for 15 - 20 years. But sadly, all they have done is looked after themselves. While the wealth of politicians keeps increasing manifolds(see list below), there are numerous people in India who are loosing whatever little they had due to the ongoing economic crisis.

If you do not choose the right candidate even this time, India will not change in the next five years as well. Everything will remain the same. Go out and have a look at your surroundings. You'll find that the area is stagnant. Same bad quality roads, long power cuts, no water supply, poverty all around. Leave aside the artificial splendours such as shopping malls and huge buildings. These are not a symbol of your growth, but a symbol of growth for few builders and developers. You-the common man- still stands where he was 15 years back, looking for basic necessities, while Politicians and some handfull of people amass huge fortunes on the tax payer's money.

It's high time we stop voting on the basis of caste. Political parties for long have divided the Indian society for their own political gains. The subsequent generations have grown with the notion that a yadav votes for a yadav, a brahmin votes for a brahmin, a jat votes for a jat and so on. Even in case of religion, we have politicians shouting vote for non-secular parties. But if you look closely, there's no word as non-secular in India. Every party is after religious votes. All they care is about getting votes, whether from Hindus or Muslims, all political parties try an appease different religions. It's high time to look closely and understand that none of these parties have actually helped us. Whether a Muslim or a Hindu, whether a Bhrahmin or a jat, these politicians, after getting elected, have all united for a single cause: that is to exploit the common man and make huge fortunes for themselves. So, when you go out to vote this year, make sure you vote not for a party, but for an individual who you think is going to remain true to his commitments.

Choose a candidate you think is right, not the one which your caste or religion says. We have all been fooled for long now. This is the time to take a stand against the injustice, this is the time to stand for your own rights, for your upliftment, for your freedom. Every constituency in India will have at least one candidate who is fighting the election for the upliftment of the society, and not himself. He might be from Congress, from BJP, from a regional party, or even an independent candidate. He might be a hindu, a muslim, a christian or a sikh. Identify the person who fights for your cause, and chose him.

Take your stand today. Chose the right candidate. India needs you.

Share your thoughts with us.

Politicians getting richer, common man poorer:

As per The Times of India(7th April), the assets declared by the election candidates have surpassed all expectations. There has been a huge increase in their personal riches, in certain cases going as high as 3000%. Compare this to the common man, who has seen considerable decline in his savings becasue of the ongoing economic slump, and the picture becomes very clear. Consider these two cases which are not just hilarious but also a complete mockerey of our senses:

1. Andhra Pradesh CM Y S Rajasekhara Redyy has assets worth Rs. 1.35 Crore, while his son has 77 Crore.

2. Sharad Pawar, an aspiring contender for PM post, has assets worth Rs. 8 crore, but daughter has over 53 crore.

How can some one justify this? A powerful CM and a powerful politician having assets far less than their children, who are not even known faces. Is there a way to question these people? Yes, there is a. Show them that you understand by voting wisely in the India 2009 elections. Time to wake -up and choose the right political candidate.

Do have a look at funding sources of Political Parties to get a magnitude of how big their earnings can get.




2009 Candidates Assets (Rs. Crore)

Deepak Bhardwaj West Delhi BSP 600
Khimji Patadia Surendranagar, Gujarat Krantikari Jaihind Sena 514
L Rajagopal Vijaywada Congress 299
Karan Singh Tanwar South Delhi BSP 150
Abu Azmi Mumbai (NW) SP 124
Chiranjeevi Tirupati Praja Rajyam 88
Y S J Reddy Cuddapah Congress 77
Praful Patel Gondia/Bhandara NCP 74
Capt Gopinath Bangalore (S) Ind 73
Chandrababu Naidu Kuppam TDP 69
M K Subba Tezpur Cong 60
Prakash Jha W Champaran LJP 55
Supriya Sule Baramati NCP 53
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Compare this to the asset of the candidates in 2004, chances are you'd go numb. For eg. M K Subba, went from an asset of Rs. 18 Crore to Rs. 60 Crore in just 5 years. But as far as we all know, Tezpur, his constituency, hasn't seen a 4 times growth to justify his earnings.




2004 Assets (Rs. Crore)

D K Adikesavulu Chittoor TDP 67
Manabendra Shah Tehri garhwal BJP 33
Dharmendra Bikaner BJP 23
Pratibha Singh Mandi Cong 23
Sukhbir S Badal Faridkot SAD 21
J M Aaron Rashid Periyakulam Cong 21
Rana Gurjeet Singh Jalandhar Cong 20
Sunil Dutt Mumbai (NW) Cong 20
M K Subba Tezpur Cong 18
Devendra S Yadav Etah SP 18
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