Exit Polls and Surveys for 2014 Elections in India

The 2014 Indian Lok Sabha General Elections Coverage

Election 09 at a Glance
mini The polls of 2009 will mark the 15th Lok Sabha Electionmini Voting scheduled from Apr 16th to May 13th, with Results on May 16thmini 714 million voters, 43m more than elections of 2004mini 8,28,804 polling stations, 1.36m EVMs, 4m civic officials, 2.1m security officialsmini Photo electoral rolls to be used for first time in 522 of total 543 constituenciesmini Total expenditure estimated to be around Rs. 10,000 croremini A polling booth in the interiors of Gir forest in Junagadh has one votermini In Chhattisgarh, one polling booth has been made for just two votersmini In Arunachal Pradesh, three booths have been made for three voters each

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Exit Polls and Surveys for Elections 2014

May 2013: ABP News-Nielsen Survey

If the latest ABP News election forecast is to be believed, Rahul Gandhi has done nothign good for the Congress and the UPA is looking staright at defeat by the hands of Narendra Modi led BJP. UPA is expected to get only about 136 seats off the total 543. NDA can improve its tally marginally by winning 206 seats but it will still fall short of majority by about 66 seats.


Congress led UPA



India Today 136 (262) 206 (159) 201

Jan 2013: ABP News-Nielsen Survey

ABP News-Nielsen have released theire predictions in the build-up to the 2014 polls. Their analysis suggests that if elections were to be held today, NDA would come back to power with 39% voters preferring them over the 22% who'd still prefer UPA. The survey was conducted across 28 cities with 9000 respondents.

For the BJP, Narendra Modi is the clear favourite for PM's post among the voters with 57% wishing he becomes PM candidate while only 11% want Advani in that role and 9% want to see Sushma Swaraj as PM. For the Congress party, Rahul is the clear favourite with 39% preferring him as PM candidate while only 16% want Manmohan back as PM.

But when compared to Mighty Modi, Rahul Gandhi stands no chance according to the survey. While 48% want to see Modi as PM only 18% want Rahul for that post.

Jan 2012: India Today Survey leading to General elections 2014

India Today, the leading English Magazine, conducted an Opinion poll in Jan 2012 to gauge the mood of the nation on the working of UPA II. The results predict that if elections were to be held now, UPA will lose nearly 8% of its vote share. NDA will agin some ground but major benefactors will be the other smaller regional parties. Figures in bracket indicate seats won by the party in 2009 elections.

India Today's survey also found that the most favoured PM candidate for now is Narendra Modi with 24% votes. he is followed by Rahul Gandhi with 17% votes and L K Advani with 10% votes.





India Today 110 (206) 140 (116) 8 (+5)

Seat Projections for major coalitions are:

UPA: UPA comprises of Congress, TMC, NCP, DMK, JKNC, Kerala Cong(M), MUL, All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen, Jharkhand Vikas Parishad, Bodoland People's Front and RLD


2009 Lok Sabha

Aug 2010

Aug 2011

Jan 2012

India Today 259 (35.7%) 246-256 (34.6%) 187-197 (29%) 168-178 (28%)

NDA: NDA is made of BJP, Janata Dal(U), Shiv Sena, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, Shiromani Akali Dal, Haryana Janhit Congress, Republican Party of India (Athawale)


2009 Lok Sabha

Aug 2010

Aug 2011

Jan 2012

India Today 159 (25.7%) 168-178 (26.4%) 175-185 (27%) 180-190 (28%)

Others: This list consists of SP, BSP, CPI(M), CPI, RSP, FB, PDP, BJD, TDP, AGP and others.


2009 Lok Sabha

Aug 2010

Aug 2011

Jan 2012

India Today 125 (38.6%) 114-124 (39%) 167-177 (44%) 180-190 (44%)

23rd March '2009:

One of the first surveys to come out for the Lok Sabha polls, the Star News-Nielsen survey, predicts that the Congress led UPA could win upto 257 Lok sabha seats. The BJP led coalition is predicted to achieve 184 seats, while the third front will remain third with 96 seats. For a clean majority, an alliance would need 272 seats, so as per this survey, UPA would be left short by 15 seats.

However, the UPA tally includes the now estranged allies and current UPA partners, Samajwadi Party, LJP and RJD. If the numbers for these three are reduced, the UPA led alliance will be reduced to 210. Although, as per comon perception, no matter how many differences occur between the Congress and these three parties, if after the election Congress requires thier support to form the Govt, they'd surely get it in the name of forming a "secular Government". Many believe the current tactics by RJD, LJP and SP as arm twisting measures, so that after the elections, if UPA wins, they can achieve a lot more than their due recognitions.

A lot of time is still left for the elections to start, and newer poll alliances and break-ups will change the current tallies for sure.

Results of the Star News-Nielsen India 2009 Election Exit Polls Survey are:

Leading Party Symbol
Political Coalition Name
Seats Predicted
UPA (including SP, RJD & LJP)
Cong: 144, SP: 30, DMK: 24, TMC: 13, NCP: 13, RJD: 11, LJP: 6, JMM: 4, IUML:3, JKN: 2, RPI: 2, PMK: 1, SDF: 1, KEC: 1, NLP: 1
UPA (excluding SP, RJD & LJP)
SP: 30, RJD:11, LJP: 6
BJP: 137, JD U: 16, Shiv Sena: 12, RLD: 6, SAD: 6, AGP: 6, INLD: 1
3rd Front
CPM: 25, BSP: 21, TDP: 14, AIADMK: 9, BJD: 9, JD S: 5, CPI: 3, Forward Block: 3, RSP: 3, TRS: 3, HJC: 1

The 2009 India Elections Map:

Mouse-over on the respective state names to know the election dates in that state. Click on the state names for more news.

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