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mini The elections of 2009 will mark the 15th Lok Sabha Electionmini Voting scheduled from Apr 16th to May 13th, with Results on May 16thmini 714 million voters, 43m more than elections of 2004mini 8,28,804 polling stations, 1.36m EVMs, 4m civic officials, 2.1m security officialsmini Photo electoral rolls to be used for first time in 522 of total 543 constituenciesmini Total expenditure estimated to be around Rs. 10,000 croremini A polling booth in the interiors of Gir forest in Junagadh has one votermini In Chhattisgarh, one polling booth has been made for just two votersmini In Arunachal Pradesh, three booths have been made for three voters each

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Election Manifestos for 2009 India Elections

Every elections seems to have one thing in common - promises by major political parties in the form of their election manifestos. One fails to understand that even after ruling the country for five years, why does a political party needs to repeat the same promises it made 5 years back? Does it not, in itself, highlight the inability of the party to rule the country according to its promises. Anyways, probably that's what politics is all about, keep changing the words every 5 years, implying the same meaning, and people will keep voting for you!

The 2009 India Election Manifestos by some major political parties are:

1. Indian National Congress Manifesto:

Indian National Congress, the current ruling party, is one of the first to comeCongress Manifesto out with its election manifesto. As usual, it seems a mixture of some old promises and some very populist measures, which will never see the light of day for one reason or the other. Consider this: Congress manifesto says it will give rice at Rs. 3 a Kg for families below poverty line. The first question that comes to mind is why was it not able to do it in 5 years that it ruled, and exactly what difference will it bring in next 5 years to get this plan working! Considering the fact that this will cost the Govt. in excess of Rs. 5,700 crores, this populist move surely seems a non-starter in these times of financial crisis.

Download the Congress Election Manifesto here.

Some of the highlights of Congress Election Manifesto are:

S. No. Election Promises from Congress Our View
1 25 Kg rice or wheat/month to every family below poverty line at Rs. 3/Kg. If everyone's getting a bail-out package, teh poor in india deserves it too, but why was't this done in past 5 years?
2 Health insurance for every family below poverty line in 3 yrs. How about improving the hospitals and medical care first?
3 Every univ/college student to get scholarship or easy education loans. Read as 5 scholariship and 95 loans in every hundread.
4 Free education for dalit, adivasi children. Again, why not done in past 5 yrs?
5 4 new Universities to be set-up with 50% seats kept for NRI/PIO. It's only IIT's or IIM's which can expect NRI students, the current universities are all bed ridden with late exams, delyaed results. Improve their quality first.
6 Broadband in every village in 3 years. How about getting electricity and water to every village first?
7 At least 2 model schools in every block in next 5 yrs. Reads good in words, but we all know the situation Government schools are in.
8 Market rates for farm land acquired for industry; farmers to be given stakes in industry set up. Even Congress knows no major industrialist will give farmers stake in their industry.
9 Reservation in pvt sector. Do we need more reservations?
10 Reservations for Muslims Reservations have been given to OBC, SC, ST's, etc for more than 60 years now, if that hasn't worked yet, how will giving out more reservations work?

2. Bhartiya Janta Party Manifesto:

Bhartiya Janta Party has been in power just a couple of times, of which one was for a period of just 13 days.Bhartiya Janta Party Although said to be a communal party and protectors of Hindu community, irony is that in a country with over 70% hindus, they haven't been able to garner enough votes yet to form a Govt of their own. Will the 2009 Elections change this? The BJP election manifesto, like Congress's, promises rice at Rs. 2/kg for those below poverty line. One wonders, if all the issues surrounding us, is rice the most mportant thing?

Download the BJP Election Manifesto here.

Some of the highlights of BJP Election Manifesto are:

S. No. Election Promises from BJP Our View
1 35 Kg rice or wheat/month to every family below poverty line at Rs. 2/Kg. Hilarious, cnsidering nearly the same thing was promised by Congress too. Have these parties even bothered to calcualte the amount of money it'd cost the tax payer to pay for these absurd laws?
2 Generate employment through massive public spending on infrastructure projects and complete Shri Atal B. Vajpayee's dream projects like the Golden Quadrilateral and Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana. If implemented as mentioned, could be good for the nation.
3 Introduce a comprehensive National Identity Card for all citizens of India. Probably taking a leaf from USA's Social Security Number, this can be a good initiative. But implementing this can be quite hard, as tracing each individual in India is a daunting task.
4 All members of the armed forces and para-military will be exempted from payment of income tax. Who will bear the burden incurred by this?
5 BJP remains committed to the construction of a grand Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. Oh no, not again! They had 5 whole years with them last time, and did nothing. t's time to forget this now and move ahead.
6 Reservations for economically backward sections, apart from SC's and OBC's for whom reservation continues. Commendable, if really implemented.
7 BJP will create 1.2 million jobs in rural sector. In this period, when people are losing jobs, one wonders what magic formula BJP has to create 1.2 million?

3. Samajwadi Party (SP) Manifesto:

Samajwadi Party came out with it's election manifesto on 11th April'2009, 5 days before the elections are to start. Samajwadi partyOn wonders, what poll promises will the voter understand in 5 days time. Shouldn't there be a general rule where it's made mandatory for parties t come out with their poll promises a month before the election date? Asren't these parties sure of what they are going to offer the Indian public, that they take so much time to come out with their manifestos?

Anyways, looking at the SP Election 2009 manifesto, one feels that there shouldf be a limit to the appeasement policies. Consider this, SP says it'd ban the use of computers and English schools because they were leading to loss of jobs. We do not know what statistics SP came up with to put such illogical statements in its manifesto, but this is just hilarious. Although, SP General Secretary, Mr. Amar Singh, has clrified that the manifesto has been read wrong, for most of us, there are no other interpretations to the written words.

Some of the highlights of SP Election Manifesto are:

S. No. Election Promises from SP Our View
1 Work against the use of English in education. Against the compulsory use of English language in education, administration and judiciary. Defines the sorry state of mind in which the manifesto was written. Although, we understand Hindi needs to be promoted, but that does not mean doing away with English. Incidentally, SP chief Mulayam Yadav's two sons have been brought up in good English Medium Schools!
2 Less use of computers to generate more jobs. Wherever work can be done by hands, computer would be abolished. People took to computers so that more things can be done faster, growth rate can be increased and prosperity can be brought. If only SP understood that. It's like saying we'd using Bi-cycles, instead of cars or buses instead of Air planes.
3 Free education for girls till graduation Sounds good on paper, but why was this not implemented at least in Uttar Pradesh, while Mulayam was the Chief Minister?
4 No mechanized farming and use of agriculture machines. take out your bullocks and work in fields entire year to get half the yield you'd have got with machines in six months. That is the interpretation we can make of this.
5 Cut back, if not abolish, stock trading and mall culture. Interpretation: sit back at home doing nothing.
6 Free agriculture facilities to the farmers, loans at the rate of 4%, no forced acquisition of land and steep hike in minimum support price of crops. Commendable, if really implemented. But as most of the poll promises, this would die in papers.
7 Quota for Muslims, backwards & SC/St in IIT's & IIM's. Arjun Singh has done enough damage already by implementing the quota systems. Let's leave our top colleges and pillars of education out of the quota system if we really plan to nurture bright students.

4. Election Promises by CPI-M: CPI M

Download the CPI-M Election Manifesto here.

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