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Election 09 at a Glance
mini The polls of 2009 will mark the 15th Lok Sabha Electionmini Voting scheduled from Apr 16th to May 13th, with Results on May 16thmini 714 million voters, 43m more than elections of 2004mini 8,28,804 polling stations, 1.36m EVMs, 4m civic officials, 2.1m security officialsmini Photo electoral rolls to be used for first time in 522 of total 543 constituenciesmini Total expenditure estimated to be around Rs. 10,000 croremini A polling booth in the interiors of Gir forest in Junagadh has one votermini In Chhattisgarh, one polling booth has been made for just two votersmini In Arunachal Pradesh, three booths have been made for three voters each

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India mini .gifGeneral Elections mini .gifFunding Sources '2007-08

Political Parties Funding Sources 2007-08

Owing to a RTI Act petition filed by Delhi-based media student Afroze Alam, the list of Top 10 Indian political parties receiving funds from corporates and individuals in 2007-08 has come out. It shows the Bhartiya Janta Party receiving almost double the amount of funds that the other nine political parties put together got. The list also brings forward the top corporates who gave funds in huge amounts and became the prime funding sources for the political parties.

There can only be two reasons why BJP seems to be marching ahead in the funds race:

1. Either BJP is the only party which truthfully declares what it gets, or
2. BJP really is ahead in the race of receiving funds.

Top 10 Political Parties receiving Funds:

S. No.

Political Party

Funding Sources (Major Contributors)

Amount (Rs.)

Total Amount (Rs.)

1 BJP General Electoral Trust :
Videocon Industries Ltd.:
Punj Lloyd Ltd, Delhi:
Torrent Power Ltd, Ahmedabad:
Niranjan L Hiranandani:
Multifaced Finstock Pvt Ltd, Mumbai:
V M Salgaonkar & Bros Pvt Ltd:
VS Dempo and Co. Pvt Ltd, Goa:
Chowgule Charitable Trust, Goa:
Mundra Port & Special Eco Zone Ltd:
Rs. 5 Cr
Rs. 2.5 Cr
Rs. 2 Cr
Rs. 2 Cr
Rs. 1 Cr
Rs. 75 lakh
Rs. 72 Lakh
Rs. 62.5 Lakh
Rs. 60 Lakh
Rs. 50 Lakh
2496 Lakh
2 Congress Videocon Industries Ltd:
Torrent Power Ltd, Ahmedabad:
VM Salgaonkar & Bros Pvt Ltd:
Chowgule Charitable Trust:
Nirmal Chemical Works:
VS and Co. Pvt Ltd, Goa:
Sesa Goa Ltd, Goa:
General Electoral Trust:
VS Dempo and Co. Pvt Ltd, Goa:
Dempo Mining Corporation:
Rs. 2 Cr
Rs. 2 Cr
Rs. 72.5 Lakh
Rs. 72.5 Lakh
Rs. 50 Lakh
Rs. 50 Lakh
Rs. 27.5 Lakh
Rs. 25 Lakh
Rs. 12.5 Lakh
Rs. 10 Lakh
789 Lakh
3 NCP     102 Lakh
4 CPI(M) Radha Reality Crop, Rangareddy District:
Gayatri Projects, Hyderabad:
Sew Construction, Pokarna:
G Balreddy, Rangareddy District:
XL Telecom & Engineering Ltd:
Virchow Cab, Rangareddy District:
Allians, Rangareddy District:
Allies Developers, Rangareddy District:
Rs. 6 Lakh
Rs. 5 Lakh
Rs. 5 Lakh
Rs. 5 Lakh
Rs. 4 Lakh
Rs. 3 Lakh
Rs. 3 Lakh
Rs. 3 Lakh
72.76 Lakh
5 TDP   61.89 Lakh 61.89 Lakh
6 Shiv Sena New Look Construction Pvt Ltd:
Shelatkar Construction Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai:
F A Construction, Mumbai:
Sai Pushpa Constructions, Mumbai:
Municipal Karmachari Kamgar Sena:
Rs. 15 Lakh
Rs. 11 Lakh
Rs. 10 Lakh
Rs. 1.10 Lakh
Rs. 1 Lakh
43 Lakh
7 CPI Kerala State CPI:
AB Bardhan:
MP State CPI:
Design Lab, New Delhi:
Atul Kumar Anjaan:
Rs. 10 Lakh
Rs. 6.8 Lakh
Rs. 4.5 Lakh
Rs. 3 Lakh
Rs. 2.4 Lakh
41.25 Lakh
8 JD (U)   21 Lakh 21 Lakh
9 SP   11 lakh 11 lakh
10 AIADMK   1.08 Lakh 1.08 Lakh

Source: The Indian Express

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Assets of Indian Political Parties:

Power seems to have really worked wonders for the Congress, as while it was trailing to BJP in 2002 in terms of total assets, in the years of power, it's asset became almost double of BJP. For the BJP that figures doesn't make much sense as it shows them having lesser asset in 2006 than they had in 2004. BSP suggests that it's assets remained the same in 2004 and 2006, while it showed a 300% increase between 2002 and 2004. Now, it's any body's guess if our Political parties showcase the correct figures!

Symbol Assets in '06 (Rs. Cr) in '04 (Rs. Cr) in '02 (Rs. Cr)
Congress Assets
BJP funding sources

The 2009 India Elections Map:

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