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Cheti Chand Indian Ritual 2009

Sindhi New Year Cheti Chand Festival

Cheti Chand is the Sindhi New Year and is celebrated by the Sindhis all around the world. Cheti Chand is observed on the first day of the month of Chaitra. Chaitra is known as Cheti in Sindhi, hence Cheti Chand.

Cheti Chand falls on the 27th of March in 2009.


Cheti Chand is the Sindhi New Year which falls on the same day as that of Gudi Padwa which is the New Year day in Maharashtra and Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Cheti Chand is celebrated in honor of the birth of Jhulelal, the patron saint of the Sindhis. It is celebrated with pomp and gaiety by the Sindhi Community.


Many people take Baharana Sahib consisiting of Jyot, Misiri, Phota, Fal, Akha to the nearby river. An idol of Jhulelal Devta is also carried along. On the Sindhi New Year day, if you want to wish a Sindhu a Happy New Year, you can say "Cheti Chand jyon Lakh Lakh Wadayun Athav".


In response the other person can wish you "Tohan khe bhi Cheti Chand jyon Lakh Lakh Wadayun Athav".





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