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Chaliho Festival of Sindhi's

Chaliho Festival in India

Chailo or Chailo Sahib is a festival of the Sindhu Community. Chailo Sahib is a forty day fast observed by the Sindhis in the months of July-August. They pray to Lord Jhulelal for forty days and after the fast is over they celebrate the occasion as Thanks Giving Day with lots of gusto and festivities.

Description/ Background of Chaliho Festival


In order to thank God for rescuing them from the hands of the tyrant, the Sindhis observe Chailo Sahib even today with all devotion and faith. During those forty days, the following rules are followed by all Sindhis :

  • No sleeping on bed, but on floor
  • Avoiding consumption of white items like rice, curd or milk
  • No fried eatables
  • No shaving or cutting hair
  • Avoiding non-vegetarian food
  • Wearing simple clothes
  • No use of soap or oil
  • No wearing leather belts or shoes

The fast begins with the tying of a sacred thread by the Poojari. People lead a "brahmacharya” way of life and every morning Akho ie. rice and sugar are offered during morning prayers.


During the evening, devotees attend ‘kirtan’ in the temples. One can keep a fast for the first 10 days, 21 days or 40 days according to one’s capacity.

After completion of forty days, on the forty-first day Bahirana Sahib is worshiped and a procession is taken out.


Sindhis always greet each other with "Jhulelal Bera-Hee-Paar" signifying that with the blessings of Lord Jhulelal the boat they will overcome all challenges and hardships.



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