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Dussehra Puja and Indian Festivals

Details on Dussehra Puja

Dussehra Puja is performed by both men and women.On this day a special image of Dussehra is drawn on the floor with wheat floor or chuna. People also worship a printed image of Dussehra.

Preparation for the Puja
  • Image of Dussehra
  • Cow dung, chuna
  • Roli, moli, chawal, flowers
  • Jhuwara which is grown on Navratre day
  • Jaggery, 1-1/4 kg chawal, money for offering, kheer, puri
  • Banana, mooli (radish), gwarphalli (flat cluster beans)
  • Bahikhata (account books)
Method of Performing Puja
  • Draw the Dussehra image with wheat flour/chuna, put 9 tikki with cow dung.
  • Make 2 katories of cow dung with a lid. In one katori, keep coins and in the other keep a little roli, chawal, fruit and jhuwara.
  • Do puja with water, mooli, roli, chawal, flowers and jhuwara.
  • Offer banana, mooli, gwarphalli, jaggery, 1-1/4 kg chawal.
  • Light the dhoop and deepak, do the parikrama.
  • Puia is done of the old bahikhata by offering flowers, jhuwara, roli and chawal.
  • On this day only new bahikhata for Deepavali puja are ordered.
  • After the puja, money from the cow dung box is taken out and placed in the safe.
  • Food and dakshina are offered to the Brahmins.

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