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Karva Chauth ka Udyaapan


On the day of the Udyaapan, in one thaali, keep 4 puris each in 13 places. Place little halwa on top of the puris. Two sarees, blouse pieces and some money is kept on this. Cover your hands with the pallu of your saree or odni and rotate them over the offered items four times. This is then given to the mother-in-law or any woman elder to you in the fami|y or mishrani seeking their blessings. 13 Brahmins are offered food, halwa and dakshina.

If a woman observes 13 Chauth vrats, then she should do the fast on every Chauth of the Krishna Paksh of the month. In that year, if Purushottam Maas falls that year, then she should do that Chauth vrat of Purushottam Maas also.
The women who observe 4 Chauth wats should do the following:
  • Karva Chauth (month of Karthik)
  • Mai Chauth (month of Magh)
  • Chauth of Baisakh
  • Chauth of Bhadon
  • In that year, if Pu'rushottam Maas falls, then she should do Chauth vrat of Purushottam Maas also
The women who observe 2 Chauth vrats should do the following:
  1. Kawa Chauth (month of Karthik)
  2. Mai Chauth (month of Maagh)

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