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Health Tips to keep you Fit

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Alcohol Detox Program

Giving up alcoholism can be tough and this is why we bring to you the withdrawl symptoms and a guide to easily leave alcohol.

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Drug Addiction Treatment

If you were a drug addict and have finally took the sane decision of letting go of drugs, you need to read this to help you out.

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Swine Flu

With the chances of it becoming a pandemonic flu, we bring to you all you need to know about Swine Flu.

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Snoring problems?

Get rid of snoring by following a simple yoga exercise.

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Healthy food guide

Your detailed guide to healhty food.

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Soothe a sore throat

Some health tips to help you soothe a soar throat.

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Strengthen Tooth Enamel using Dates

Use dates to strengthen tooth enamel and guard your teeths against plaque.

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Daily Yoga Exercises & Fitness Routine

List of some yoga exercises and other fitness tips for woman.

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Runny & Stuffy Noses

Remedies, cure & relief from runny or stuffy nose & nasal congestions.

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Release your tensions today!

Release your tensions and stay calm & happy.


Ayurvedic Tips for Winters

How to remain fit & active during winters by following Ayurveda.


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