Alcohol Detox Program and Counselling

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Treating your Alcohol Addiction

Addiction to alcohol should not be considered as a reason to become a recluse and stay away from leading a normal life. It is an illness which can be cured with the help of the strong will power of the individual and love and support from family and friends. There are alcohol treatment programs made according to the requirement of each patient. IT helps them get rid of the habit and lead a successful, respectable and happy life.


The rehabilitation program starts with the detoxification program and helping the patients recover from addiction step by step. These treatment programs have a holistic approach to the problem and help to solve it and gain complete recovery. These programs are supervised by a trained medical professional, like a doctor specializing in addiction medicine. This will help in accurately diagnosing the problem and prescribing the appropriate treatment for the same. So the patients are in safe, experienced hands.

The treatment may include detoxification, counseling sessions, and recreational activities like yoga, meditation, therapy classes, and management feelings. These recovery programs offer a secure and warm environment to stay in therapeutic surroundings which give a positive outlook to the patients. The patient gets a new lease of life at the end of the treatment. He meets others with similar problem and does not feel isolated. He learns to lead a disciplined life with a meaning and purpose.

Along with these methods, medications are also used to curb the craving and prevent the reoccurrence. But these medicines are to be given keeping in mind the medical history of the individual.

Another thing to be understood is that alcoholism does not affect the individual alone but also the entire family. The family and the loved ones are emotionally affected by the patient’s addiction. So it becomes all the more important that the family stands by the person in this crisis. When the patient sees that he is not alone in his fight, he will work hard towards achieving the goal. Love, care, understanding and support are required the most at this stage.

We should understand that recovery from alcohol and such addictives is a slow and ongoing process. It requires time and patience, as there is no short cut formula to cure a person from alcoholism.

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