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Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms occur when use of alcohol is suddenly stopped. A person suffers from alcoholism if he has a craving for alcohol and consumes it without control or limitations. Having started taking alcohol for a long period of time, they feel their life is totally dependent on alcohol. In such cases, some professional help is required to cure the person from this illness. As part of the treatment program the patients undergo a detox program. Here the desire to consume alcohol is tried to curb by completely stopping the intake of alcohol. This is when the patients experience withdrawal symptoms or cravings for alcohol.


When alcohol is suddenly stopped, the person undergoes much physical and mental suffering, so to treat that, it is important that alcohol consumption is stopped under the supervision of an experienced doctor.

The withdrawal symptoms include physical as well as psychological symptoms, ranging from mild to extreme, depending on the period and amount the patient has been drinking. Mild and moderate psychological symptoms include nervousness, shakiness, anxiety, irritability, emotional volatility, depression, fatigue, disorientation, bad dreams and the like. The physical symptoms include headache, sweating especially in palms or face, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, insomnia, paleness, rapid heart rate, enlarged pupils, abnormal movements, shivering hands etc.

But some people may also experience severe symptoms like hallucinations, agitation, fever, convulsions or black outs. At this point the person needs a professional help to take care of him and give medications to fight these symptoms. Another important thing for the patient is the support from his family and friends.

Once a person gets into the clutches of alcoholism, it is very difficult for him to come out of it. Lots of patience and strong will power is required to curb and cure the instinct. The life threatening effects of alcohol should give you enough will power to go through the complete treatment program. And if you are in expert hands you need not worry as they will help you to overcome the problems at every step.

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