Dates strengthen tooth enamel & guards plaque

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Strengthen Tooth Enamel using Dates

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Dates Can help remove Tooth problems

Dates are rich in the element fluorine - a component of fluoride, that enamel-friendly compound that can actually reverse early tooth decay. Dates also provide your body with fibre and important nutrients like vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Some other products which help against tooth decay are:

1. Raisins - a compound in this snack may help curb cavities.

2. Yogurt - it helps to keep those pearly whites clean.

3. Gum - This too is good for your teeth.

Keep in Mind:

Yogurt, gum and dried fruits like dates can also contain sugar, so any tooth-friendly eating habits still need to be accompanied by no-excuses oral care. That means regular brushing and flossing of teeths.

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