Tips to release your tensions & staying calm

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Say Goodbye to your Tensions

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Tensions and Heaches

Being in a state of tension for a long time leads to a inner void similar to dust in your eyes. You try removing the dust, as it is alien to your body. Similarly, tensions are alien to you and it is natural that you put an effort to remove it. Tensions occur from the way your mind interprets your experience. For example, a student runs several miles and enjoys running. But when it is made a punishment, running creates tensions for him. This tension comes directly through the interpretations in one's mind and that's what needs to be controlled to stay calm and release tensions.

Follow these steps to release your tensions:

1. Learn the art of balancing life. open your body centre through exercise, yoga and deep breathing. Tensions emerge from the way your mind interprets a particular situation. There is joy when you learn and keep your mind open to new possibilities.

2. Observe a surfer...stronger the waves, the more he enjoys it. When waves are strong, he is totally present in the moment. There are no interfering thoughts in him. In such space something in him makes him alive to the life around him.

3. Live in the present, Do not get lost in what could have been or what can happen.

4. Live from the 'higher self' and not from the 'lower self'. The 'higher self' is filled with positivities and encourages you. The 'lower self' is interfering and discouages you.

5. Relax your body and mind. See the beauty of your thoughts. Do not fight with them. Slowly you create a synergy with your thoughts.

6. Whenever possible, be without thoughts. Learn the art of being empty. Don't verbalise an experience. It relaxes the mind.

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