Food Guide to Healthy Holidays

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Healthy Food Guide for Happy Holidays

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List of healthy foods

While on vacation it's tempting to abondon good sense especially when it comes to eating! Most of us tend to make poor choices and diet goes for a toss. But keep a watch over what you dig into as a healthy holiday is a happy holiday. Here's a good food guide to help you have a healthy holiday:

Requesting a low-fat or vegetarian meal on your flights is always preferable. If you are driving to your destination, don't depend on the roadside dhabas but carry some healthy food like ready to eat fruits (banana, oranges and chikus), some energy bars and low-fat namkeen and biscuits.

Eating out? Then eat only when hungry - don't fill up simply because it's free.

If you do overindulge at one meal, scale back on the next. Take a walk around the hotel or swim in the pool.

Try and find restaurants that will work with your needs. Like they should be able to broil food instead of fry or use low-fat cheese or non-fat milk.

Try to fit in six small meals or snacks as your body requires fuel every 4-5 hours. Avoid appetisers altogether or choose appetisers instead of starters. Don't skip meals.

Avoid large meals at night. Pass up the breadbasket at dinner. Avoid the butter, margarine and oil that came along with it. Choose fish or poultry. Make an effort to include lots of vegetables rather than French fries or oily food.

Moderate your desserts. Eat sorbets not ice cream, fresh fruit and not cakes. Limit your alcohol intake.


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