Health tips to soothe a soar throat

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Health Tips

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How to Soothen a Sore Throat

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Sore throat can hurt!

1. One teaspoon of coarsely powdered cinnamon, boiled in a glass of water with a pinch of pepper powder, and two teaspoons of honey can be taken as a medicine in the treatment of sore throat. Two or three drops of cinnamon oil, mixed with a teaspoon of honey, also gives immense relief.

2. two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds should be put in a litre of cold water and allowed to simmer for half an hour over a low flame. this should then be allowed to cool to a bearable temperature, strained and then used entirely as a gargle.

3. Water boiled with basil leaves should be taken as a drink, and also used as a gargle to relieve a sore throat.

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