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hi i want to inquire that when a hindi baby is born, there is a 6 day prayer that is performed. i would like detail info

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Answers 5  |  Views 17121  |  Post Monday, August 30, 2010 4:35 AM
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010 9:06 AM
Yes, the ceremony is called the chhathi ceremony, which is generally held when the baby is 6 to 21 days old.4

It is commonly believed in Hindu religion that God enters the house on the 6th day a child is born. He then writes the destiny of the child on that day. For the Chhathi ceremony, a lamp is lit by mother of the newborn baby, and a red pen and paper are kept near it on a wooden base. The mother then holds the baby in her arms and kneels before the God, praying for good future of her child.

Important aspects of the ceremony are that the baby should be wrapped in a yellow cloth while the mother should be wearing a red or pink cloth. A Swastika must be made from Kumkum (vermillion), and a piece of solid turmeric must be kept.

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Nizam Khan
Nizam Khan
Thursday, May 3, 2012 8:18 AM
Shashti Devi is the sixth expansion of Mother Durga which gives Mata her name Shashti, which means sixth. Mother Shashti is also one of the sixteen matrikas (little mother). Mata is represented as a golden-complexioned woman with a child in her arms, riding upon a cat; hence no Hindu should under any circumstances injure that animal, lest Ma would be offended and be made to suffer for it. Being a Matri shakti (The force of the Divine Mother), Mata protects all children with a mother's affectionate heart. Mata is the bestower of children and grandchildren in all three worlds and the godmother of all. Mata remains near every child in the form of an aged yogini. Her worship is prevalent everywhere and is conducted throughout the twelve months of the year. After the birth of a child Mata's auspicious worship is performed on the sixth day. The munis also bow down to Mata with reverence and visit Mata's temples regularly.

The Divine Mother, in her form as Shashti Devi, is worshipped and glorified and her blessings are invoked so that the child will follow a spiritual path and be blessed with divine qualities, good health, good character and freedom from disease. Also Shashti Devi is responsible for the development of the child. Women worship Shashti Devi to receive offspring or for the well-being of their children.

Chatti means 6th, thus this prayer is observed on the 6th day from the child’s birth-day. Why pray to Mother Shashti or Mother Earth??? Well Mata is the ruler/presiding deity of this planet thus she is know by many names like Bhu-devi, Dharti-devi, Bhumi-devi and so forth. She is no ordinary personality. She is the Wife of Lord Varaha Himself. Who is Lord Varaha??? Well He is the boar incarnation of Lord Krsna, thus non-different from Lord Krsna. Thus Mother Earth or Bhu-devi is actually Lakshmi-devi and thus Srimati Radharani. Let me give an example. If I visit your home and I enter your home without permission, will you be happy with that? Well I hope not. You will only allow me to enter your home if you know me. In the same way without asking permission from Mother Earth (this is her domain, her place) for any prayer how can that prayer be accepted? You must receive her blessings and permission to perform any prayer. Otherwise that prayer would not yield the desired results.

By performing the Chatti ceremony one is acknowledging to Shashti Devi/Mother Earth of Her elevated position and seeking Her blessings for the new born, that this child will grow up to be a Putra/Putri (a spiritual child) with divine qualities.

What happens when a baby is born and what are the procedures with regards to prayers etc??? One should remember that Lord Vishnu prayers are never stopped. So yes the family can still perform their prayers. Only the mother cannot perform any puja for a period of 10 days. But she need not worry as whatever her husband does half of his spiritual merits goes to her. But remember excluding the mother, the father and the family still continue with the daily prayers like lighting of the lamp, offering Surya Jal etc... This is verified by the Lord himself in the Garuda Purana, Preta Kanda, Chapter 29 verses 9, 11& 12 “In impurity accruing from birth, the rules are less strict. The mother is purified after 10 days and the father just after taking a bath. In birth the relatives incur no impurity. Impurity attaches to parents alone. Primarily, it is the mother who becomes impure. The Father is purified by the touch of water alone. In birth or death O' Garuda, impurity lasts only for 10 days.”

According to the Yajnavalkya Smriti, the mother is untouchable for ten days on the birth of a child, but the father and family when they take a bath are cleansed.

I have heard from many that many traditional rites are followed but are not supported by our shastras... Please my fellow Hindus if a person cant prove via shastras what he/she is saying then what is said should humbly be discarded.

I have also heard from many that they seen many Hindu families offer meat in this auspicious prayers... This is a misconception and thus incorrect and not followed... All the preparations for the Puja must be strictly vegetarian, because this contributes positively to the physical, emotional, hygienic and clean conditions to be offered as Prasad. The environment for the newly born child must be totally satwic (clean) and free from any un-satwic elements like alcohol and all non-vegetarian food. We are inviting our most honoured Mother to the prayers hence utmost cleanliness and respect should be observed...

Mother Shashti's Puja is generally held on the sixth (6th) day after birth, preferably in the evening approximately 18h00...

The Puja Proper: -

Print the picture of Mata at the beginning of this article and laminate/frame it...

At the place of the prayer, place a Lord Ganesh murti and the picture above of Mother Shashti. Firstly offer an agarbatti, lamp or flower (or all three) to Shree Ganeshji (turn seven times clockwise around the murti), and pray to Shree Ganeshji to remove all obstacles in the path of this most auspicious prayer.

Shashti Devi is now offered worship. Pray to the picture of Mother Shashti asking Mata to please accept your prayers.

Now chant the following: -

1) Om swagatam su swagatam – Om Shashti devi yai namah aavaahayaamee sthapayamee...

(Swagatam means O Mother Shashti I welcome you.)

Then offer flower or flower petals.

2) Om idam pushpam – Om Shashti devi yai namah. (Pushpam = flowers)

Then offer incense

3) Om tato dhoopam aghraa-payaami – Om Shashti devi yai namah.

(Dhoopam =incense)

Then offer lamp

4) Om prat-yaksha deepam darshayaami – Om Shashti devi yai namah.

(Deepam = lamp)

You offer the above items by turning the items seven times around the coconut.

5) Om naivedyam samar-payaami – Om Shashti devi yai namah

Offer cut fruit or sweets like gulab jamum, jalebi, and so forth)

(Naivedyam = food)

You can also place a small lota (cup/chumbu) of milk next to the picture of Ma Shashti...

6) Offer prayers for forgiveness

Om yaani kaani cha paa-paani janmaan-tara kritaa-nee cha, taani sar-vaani vinash-yanti pra-dak-shinaa pade pade //

Then offer your personal prayers to Mother Shashti. Pray to Mata for the child's good health, good character and freedom from disease and Ma being so merciful will grant what you desire.

NEXT… Fill sand in a wide dish. Smoothen and make a well in the middle. If possible sprinkle some Gobar (Cow-dung) on the sand. Place 9 betel leaves around the well. Then mother sits down with baby on the lap. The mother fills the centre with milk and then she dots the Betel leaves with Sindoor. Thereafter she places a little of the satwic prepared food in the center of the thari (plate). Everyone should pray to Mother Shashti/ Earth to protect the child and request Mata for good health, good character and freedom from disease for the newborn.

The following is traditional and if you want to perform this its left to you I am just covering all my angles for this prayer... The Mother then covers baby with blanket making sure the baby’s eyes are not exposed. The bua (aunt) burns a lamp three times and the mother has to put off the lamp each time with her archara. The fourth time the lamp is burnt it is left on. (Now uncover the baby) A spoon is placed over it to make kajal. The kajal is then applied on the mother and child eyes...

After this the mother has to eat a little food with her baby on the lap. Then the mother hands over her baby to a family member while she completes eating her food.

Final Question: - Can one perform the Chatti Puja on Ekadashi?

Yes you can as long as Non-grain foods are prepared... You should remember that Mother Shashti/ Mother Dharti also fasts on this day from grains... and the prashad offered to the guests has to be also Ekadashi prashad...

Nish-kraamanam Samskara (The first outing)

For the protection of both mother and child there is a period of time when it is recommended that they remain indoors. During this period the mother and child regain their health and build their immune system to counteract any infections.

The mother and child generally stays indoors for the period of impurity which lasts for 10 days. The father and other close relatives after a bath is cleansed.

When the period of impurity is over the husband, wife and child should at sundown visit a temple or their family Deity/prayer place. They should stand facing the Deity, and the child should be wrapped in a clean cloth. The husband recites auspicious mantras, while the child is shown to the Supreme Lord. Here the parents offer the child to the Lord who is the Owner of everything. By offering the child to the Supreme Lord the child becomes prashad (mercy). Also by doing so the child now belongs to the Lord and the parents will now take care of the child on the Lord’s behalf. Thereafter the family returns home. It would be beneficial to perform Brahmin Bhojan i.e. feeding of Brahmins because by performing this sacred act one receive lots of punya sukriti (meritorious benefits) and blessings which goes to the child. For this samskara there is no havan to be performed.

References: - Sat Kriya Sara Dipika, Srimad Bhagavatam, Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra


Time : The asauca (defilement period) is 10 days. On the 11th day the parents should take the baby to the temple/ family Deity/prayer place for the first outing.

Procedure : The child should be bathed in the morning, and at sundown the husband and wife should go with the child to the temple/ family Deity/prayer place. They should stand facing the Deities the wife on the husband’s left side. The child wrapped in a clean cloth.

The wife should hand over the child to her husband and then proceed behind the husband and stand on his right side facing the Deities.

The husband should say :

Om ekah purastaat ya idang ba-bhoova

yato ba-bhoova bhuva-nasya goptaa

yang apyeti bhuva-nang saam-paraaye

namaami tam ahang sarvato mukham

tat prabho sarvato mukham

naaham pau-trang aghang nigaam

om ya aatma-daa baladaa yasay vishve

upaasate pra-shishang yasya devaah

yasya chaayaa amri-tang yo mrityu mrityuh

kasmai devaaya havishaa vidhema

tasmaat prabho mrityu mrityo

naaham pautrang aghang ri-sham

om nara naara-yanau sharma yaccha-tang

Prajaa-yai me prajaa-patee

Yatha-ayang na pramee-yate

putro jani-triya adhi

Saying this he should point out the Deities to his child and offer rose water...

om krishna maadhavo govinda punda-reek-aaksha

vaamana griheeta-arghyam hrishikesha raamaaya sahito mama

He should then give the child to the mother:

om bhoor bhuvah svah

Abhee shunah sakhee-naam

Avitaa jari-tri-naam

Shatang bhavaas-yootaye

Thereafter the parents offer the child to Lord Krsna who is the Owner of everything. By offering the child to the Supreme Lord the child now becomes prasad (mercy). By doing so the child now belongs to Lord Krsna and you will now be looking after the child on Lord Krsna’s behalf. It would be beneficial to feed Brahmin's as this is very auspicious.

The parents and child should then return home.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014 8:46 AM
chatti puja in navratri? and can we navratri without chatti puja
Tuesday, September 23, 2014 8:47 AM
chatti puja in navratri? and can we navratri without chatti puja
Nizam Khan
Nizam Khan
Thursday, May 3, 2012 8:19 AM
Hi Khushi,

Just found this is from August 2010. Now the baby must be grown up and doing well. Keep the info for future reference if you wish.

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Friday, February 2, 2018 12:04 AM
God bless each and every child without any dosh. bless them long and success happily secured life.


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Friday, February 2, 2018 12:04 AM
God bless each and every child without any dosh. bless them long and success happily secured life.


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