Commonwealth Games 2010 Dining and Food arrangements

Commonwealth Games 2010 scheduled in Delhi is expected to be one of the biggest events ever hosted in India. With over 10,000 players and delegates living in the Games Village, the dinning and food departments has a lot to do and offer.

The catering division of the Delhi Commonwealth Games is working towards this. All Game venues are to be divided into food clusters as each game will surely have its own requirements. Each food packet will contain the name of the item, details of all ingredients and nutritional value as well. A surprise item will also accompany the main meals. Indian cuisine and delicacies will be showcased in special food corners. Water vending machines, juices, cold drinks and energy drinks will be placed throughout the Games Village.

The main dining hall in the Delhi Commonwealth Games Village will give out over 36000 meals a day. The menu will be put through a safety check and it is sure that the menu would feature food items from all corners of the world.

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