First Swine Flu Death in India at a Pune Hospital

India got its first swine flu death today when a 14 year old girl died of swine flu in a Pune Hospital. She was admitted to a private hospital on 27th July. On the 29th as her condition worsened, she was put on a ventilator support on the 29th July and was shifted to the ICU.

She tested positive for the deadly virus on 31st July. A total of 551 cases have been recorded in India till date, 5 of which were identified today in Delhi itself.

Update 8th Aug09: Just 5 days after the first death, fear and panic seems to have gripped people in Pune and Delhi, and more and more cases of swine flu are coming up. A total of 96 new swine flu cases in India were reported on Friday making the total to reach 712. Tests of Swine flu are not cheap and a single test can cost Rs. 10,000 for every detected case. This has forced Govt to ask people to visit hospitals for test only if they have some serious signs of swine flu. This is to avoid doctors and tests getting wasted on simple cough and cold patients.

You can read more about the Swine Flu Pandemic here.

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