Maharashtra, Haryana, AP Assembly Elections on Oct 13th

The Election Commission has declared today that Maharashtra, Haryana, AP Assembly elections will be held on Oct 13th. Maharashtra has a 288-member assembly, Haryana has 90-members and Arunachal Pradesh has a total of 60 members.

The notification will be issued on September 18 to allow the filing of nominations and the last date for nomination is September 25. Candidates can withdraw their nomination by Sep 29th. There are 2,061 polling stations in Arunachal Pradesh, 12,894 in Haryana and 82,028 in Maharashtra. The counting of votes will take place on October 22 in all the three states. This is the first major round of polls since the General elections of 2009, and incidentally all three states to go for the polls are ruled by Congress or Congress and its allies.

State Assembly Elections detailed coverage is here.

2 thoughts on “Maharashtra, Haryana, AP Assembly Elections on Oct 13th

  1. Have you ever thought of putting more videos for your blog site posts to have the readers more interested? I mean I just read through the entire write-up of yours and it was pretty good but since I’m more of a visual learner, I found that way to be much more useful. well, let me know what you think.

    1. yes, but we don’t want to use youtube or copyrighted contents, and it’s not easy for us to create our own video segments for different news items!

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