Sugarcane and rice produce hit by monsoon delay

India is going through an amazingly weird monsoon season, with entire country facing no or little rainfall. Monsoon generally hits in the month of July, but this year, we are already into August, but still waiting for a decent rainfall.

The worst hit have been the farmers, who rely on their seasonal produce to keep them going for the entire year. However, now they look ahead to a bleak year as their sugarcane and rice produces have suffered seriously. The country has just received 23.5 millimeters of rain which is 64 percent below the average 65.9 millimeters expected in the week ended Aug 5th.

Uttar Pradesh, a primary producer of sugarcane, has been hit the most and has already declared drought in 47 districts. . Maharashtra, the largest producer in India, has reduced its yield expectations to 4.6 million tons from 5 million. As a direct result of low rainfall, India had to import sugar for the first time since 2006. India has now contracted to buy 2.9 million tons of raw sugar, of which 1.84 million tons has arrived into the country or is in transit.

You can view Indian weather forecast here.

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