Swine Flu claims a second life, now in Mumbai

Fahmida Panwala, a resident of Mumbai, died today because of swine flu. The 53 year old was suffering from hypertension and was diabetic too. She was shifted on friday night from Lilavati hospital to Municipal Kasturba Hospital. She then tested positive for swine flu through a swab test and died later on saturday afternoon. Of the 16 new cases of H1N1 flu reported in Mumbai today, 2 are said to be in serious condition.

Meanwhile, fear has already been growing among the residents of Pune and Mumbai after the first swine flu death in India of a 14 year old girl on 3rd August. Since then, Pune has seen several schools closing for a few days. Three doctors and a nurse who developed respiratory problems after the Pune girl’s death are being treated for the disease.

Govt has reassured that enough stock of Tamiflu tablets and masks are available and there is no reason for panic, yet. A total of 77 swine flu positive cases are currently being treated in Mumbai and Pune, and a 28 year old is said to be in a critical condition.

You can read more about the Swine Flu Pandemic here.

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