Swine Flu is truly in India, but don’t panic

After 17 deaths as on August 12th 2009, Swine flu can be said to be truly in India now, especially in the Northern and Western parts of India and it is quite easy to get paranoid about it and panic. But we must understand that getting afraid of it or hiding inside our houses is not going to solve the problem. We need to understand that before us, the flu has infected several other nations, and as such, we now know a lot more about the pandemic than earlier thought of.

Consider these points before you start to panic over Swine flu deaths again:

1. Of over 2 lakh reported cases worldwide, just 1% or 1900 deaths have been recorded. As such, this is even lower than normal cases of death such as traffic accident.

2. At least Swine flu doesn’t cause physical pain or injury. The symptoms are similar to any normal cold-cough.

3. The illness remains for just about a week, if proper care and attention is given to it. Besides, after recovery, you’d be back to normal, without any side-effects.

4. Panic can actually lead to more trouble than solutions. For one thing, you might forget to take necessary precautions and instead of preventing, you might start contaminating your friends and family members.

The best practices to follow for now are:

1. Maintain a distance of at least 6 feets fom the infected person. Also suggest to the infected person to use a hanky.

2. Clean the house using a alcohol-based cleaner, as the virus can survive on normal surfaces for about 8 hrs.

3. Use Tamiflu only under proper supervision, and only after confirmation of swine flu. Otherwise, the virus can become resistant to the only known medicine till now. Do remember, that Tamiflu may have bad side effects and so it is always advisable to check with the doctor first.

4. Give priority in care to pregnant women, infants and children.

5. Face masks should be worn by people infected with the disease and not the other way round.

We all just need to be a little more careful, and work together to help prevent the growth of this virus.

You can read more about the Swine Flu Pandemic here.

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