286 Swine Flu Deaths in India, 9284 infected people

Although the fear around Swine Flu has subsided, it’s deadly effect continues to take lives in India. Friday, 25th Sep, alone saw the death of 9 people, of which five were from Maharashtra. The other deaths on Friday were reported from Surat(2), Kanyakumari(1) and Mysore(1).

Maharashtra alone has reported 117 deaths because of swine flu. Karnataka has reported 86 deaths till now, Gujarat 28 and Tamil Nadu 4. Those reporting to be infected is also increasing rapidly, and with around 305 new cases, the total number of people infected with swine flu has risen to 9284.

Preventive measures in Maharashtra made the Govt to decide on penalising people who spit in public. It has been announced that anyone spitting in Public in Pune region of Maharashtra would be fined Rs. 1000. This effort will not only help check the spread of flu, but will also lead to a cleaner city.

Meanwhile, Govt has announced of its plans to sell Tamiflu in retail. Oseltamivir tablets, the generic name for Tamiflu, will be manufactured by an Indian company under the brand name Natflu. The initial costing has been decided at Rs 480 for a strip of ten tablets. While the company will only provide the 75mg Natflu tablets meant for adults, it also plans to introduce the syrup doses in the next 45 days.

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