Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010: Will we or won’t we?

Commonwealth Games 2010 is scheduled to be held in New Delhi from Oct 2010. India got four years of time to prepare for the games, get its infrastructure ready and manage an event of enormous proportions. But did we really work towards it are we really going to be able to host the event, are we really up to the mark towards the world class standards required for it?

If you live in Delhi, you’d find that most of the current day-to-day problems are being blamed on the Commonwealth preparations. If you are stuck in traffic jams for hours, you’d be told it’s because new fly-overs are coming up for Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games, if Metro train sites face an accident, it’s attributed to CWG 2010 as deadline is near and haste causes problems. With just about a year to go for the 2010 Games, one would imagine that a lot of things have been done and Delhi would start showing signs of the upcoming Games, but in reality, if you look around, you will see a very sorry state of affairs.

None of the projects are said to be on schedule. For one reason or the other, the Games Village, Commonwealth Stadiums as well as fly-overs and road infrastructure are all delayed. It wasn’t surprising then that the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation expressed his severe dissatisfaction over the progress. A recent estimate suggests that most of the projects are just 50-60 % complete. We all know that a more extensive estimate will show that even this is far from reality.

At a time when we needed to be testing our infrastructure, managing our grounds, we are still trying to get them up and running? Will we be able to complete anything on time so that we have enough opportunity to test them as well. Seems difficult as of now, unless of course, more workers are added in and more money is enthused. But then, aren’t we already over-budget in our CWG 2010 preparations? In this year of recession, aren’t we already reeling under financial pressure? Where will the extra money come from?

India last hosted a Games of International level in 1982 when it hosted the Asian Games. After the CWG Delhi, we hope to host Olympics. But if we continue our preparations on the same level, it should not come as a surprise to see Commonwealth Games 2010 moving out of India.

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