Second indigenously designed stealth warship INS Kochi Launched

India launched its second indegenously designed stealth destroyer INS Kochi today. The stealth destroyer is 163-meter long and weighs over 6,800-tons. Completely designed by the Directorate of Naval Design, INS Kochi has been built at Mazgaon Dock in Mumbai.

When Navy Chief Admiral Nirmal Verma’s wife Madhulika Verma launched the INS Kochi on Friday, the Nation got its second warship to help it monitor and secure the sea routes. Recently INS Kolkata was launched which is expected to be inducted in fleet by 2010 and INS Kochi is expected to join the fleet of Indian Navy by 2011.

INS Kochi has superior stealth settings making it difficult to be detected by enemy radars. The warship can travel at speeds up to 30 knots and has good land attack capabilities. It will be armed with Brahmos supersonic cruise missile, Long Range Surface-to-Air missiles as well as a Multi-Function Radar System for acquiring data on surface and air targets. INS Kochi will have four AK-630 rapid-fire guns and a medium range gun. Twin-tube torpedo launchers and anti-submarine rocket launchers have been developed to help it fight the under sea attacks.

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