Assembly Elections exit polls point towards UPA win

Assembly Elections in the three states of Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh are now over, and till the actual results are declared on the 22nd of Oct, speculations will be rife with who’s going to win the elections. If you are a believer of exit-polls, UPA and Congress has an ahead march in all three states.

Star News Opinion Poll on 11th suggested a good lead for the Congress and it reiterated almost the same in its exit poll on 13th Oct. CNN-IBN also suggests that UPA will lead in all three states and get very near to majority on its own in the Legislative House. Another exit poll by CVoter agrees with UPA and NDA score predicted by Star News and CNN-IBN polls. However, CVoter differs in the MNS results. While CNN-IBN and Star News place MNS votes at around 12, CVoter suggests MNS will do a lot betetr and get around 26 seats.

A higher then expected voter turnout in the polling for 2009 Assembly Elections might just alter the calculations a little bit. All eyes are now on the 22nd Oct Assembly Election Results Day.

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