Captured Rajdhani Express Train makes its way back to Delhi

Rajdhani Express has been a symbol of the best things a train service in India can provide. From comfort to speed to best quality food, Rajdhani Express trains provide them all. Rajdhani Express also used to be considered pretty safe as a good number of armed police force mans the train and no outside vendor/hawker is allowed to enter in the train. However, on Tuesday, when a group of maoists captured the train and abducted its driver, lot of notions changed.

The militia had called an indefinite strike to protest about alleged police atrocities against tribes people in West Bengal’s Junglemahal region. On Tuesday, maoists, faces covered with towels, stormed into the Rajdhani Express train near Banstala village in the eastern state of West Bengal. The train was traveling from Bhubaneshwar to New Delhi and was made to stop by tying a red cloth across the track. They then abducted the driver and forced all passengers to get out of the train. The passengers initially resisted by closing down the compartment doors, but it was eventually broken down by the maoists.

The train remained stranded near Banstala, surrounded by hundreds of tribes people. At least one policeman was injured as fighting continued between rebels and police trying to reach the train. The security forces were later able to rescue the driver.

The train is now on its way back to New Delhi, after a delay of almost 6 hrs.

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