Congress wins in all three states, minor setback in Haryana

Congress has done it again. After a very impressive performance in 2009 General Elections, Congress has repeated its feat by winning easily in all 3 state elections of Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh which went to polls on 13th Oct.

Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh results are still coming out, but trends easily point out to a comfortable win for Congress and its allies. In Maharashtra, Congress + NCP will return to power for a third time with 144 seats of its own. In Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh, Congress will get a majority on its own. Haryana did give some setback to Congress as INLD won 31 seats, which was totally unexpected. However, Congress still managed to reach majority figures. Raj Thackrey’s MNS did help the Congress once again by taking voters away from BJP and Shiv Sena. MNS performed impressively, especially in the Mumbai region.

This highlights the fact that as of now, there’s no political party left in India which can take on Congress. BJP, the strongest National Party opposing Congress, is in tatters with in-fighting and leadership questions. Absence of a strong opposition is giving voters no other choice but to go with a party which sems the most stable for now.

Meanwhile, you can keep track of the results in detail here:

Maharashtra Assembly Results 2009

Haryana Assembly Results 2009

Arunachal Pradesh Results 2009

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