Monsoon Season officially ends in India with 23% deficit

India recorded a deficit of 24% less monsoon way back in 1972. After a gap of 37 years, history almost repeated itself as 2009 monsoon season ended with a deficit of 23%. The monsoon season in India officially begins on 1st of June and ends on September 30th.

Indian Weather in October

Although the monsoon season has officially ended, there are good chances that rain will continue to fall in the Northern, Central India and Western parts of India. The monsoon hit the northern parts of India quite late this year and a low pressure area created near the Bay of Bengal is expected to bring more rainfall in this region in the coming days. Moreover, the existing low pressure over north coastal Andhra Pradesh and south coastal Orissa is expected to move towards west and northwest and bring showers in the south Gujarat region.

This year, out of the 533 meteorological districts in the country, 41 districts (8%) recorded less rainfall or a deficiency of over 60 per cent, and 270 more (51%) recorded deficient rainfall or a deficiency between 20 per cent and 59 per cent.

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