BJP-JD and Congress make stability top election issue in Jharkhand

Jharkhand Assembly elections are less than a week away, and the political parties are going all out to get their star campaigners promote their candidates in Jharkhand. So while Rahul Gandhi is promoting in and around the capital city Ranchi, BJP president Rajnath Singh is campaigning in Ranchi-Bokaro region.

The major emphasis being made by both BJP-JD alliance and Congress is on stability. No one is talking of farmers plight, of the roads, infrastructure, corruption – things which are really plaguing Jharkhand state. The thing which political aprties are more interested in is being able to provide Jharkhand a stable Govt, probably also there by giving them full 5 years to bankrupt the state.

It’s shameful that once a Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Madhu Koda, was able to amass a lifetime fortune in just about a year’s time. It’s quite obvious that he would never have been able to do this alone. What was BJP and the Congress doing when Koda was going around looting Jharkhand? Was it not their responsibility as National Parties, to be responsible enough to get working on this. BJP says that like BOFORS, Congress will put Madhu Koda case under wraps as well, if it gets to power. Probably that might be true, but then on a similar note, Congress points towards BJP for hushing up the Babri Masjid cases, when it was in power. Is this the type of parties we look up to to govern us and shape our future?

It is high time that we start choosing our representatives not on the basis of which political party they belong to, but on the basis of what he can do for the people. Check his track record, see what he promises to provide. Don’t go voting again for the sake of name of a political party. None of them have either the will power or the guts to weed out corruption, which is eating Jharkhand out. Make your vote for Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2009 count. Choose individuals who can bring in the change, not political parties who just provide you with hollow promises.

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