Cyclone Phyan passes peacefully over Gujarat & Maharashtra

Update: Cyclone Phyan has passed-on peacefully without causng any major damage in Gujarat or Maharashtra. By the time the cyclone reached these states, it’s speed had considerably been reduced and as such it did not cause any damage. However, as an after effect, continuous rainfall for the next 12 hrs has been predicted.

Cyclone Phyan is moving towards north Maharashtra and south Gujarat and is expected to hit these areas by early hours of Thursday. India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an orange alert for the cyclone, which is just one step below the red alert put out for a really severe cyclone.

Cyclone Phyan Threat over Maharashtra and Gujarat

The cyclone will be about 250 km directly west of Goa at 2:30am on Thursday and Phyan was 420 km south-southwest of Mumbai and 670 km south-southwest of Surat in south Gujarat. Heavy to extremely heavy rainfall is predicted in most parts of western India and over Konkan and Goa and Madhya Maharashtra. Heavy showers can also be expected over coastal Karnataka during the next 24 hours.

IMD has already asked local fishermen not to go out to the sea and oil rigs in Bombay High are also toning down their operations. Several fishing trawlers from Goa has been reported missing since the Arabian Sea turned rough because of Cyclone Phyan. The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has launched a search operation to find the missing trawlers.

Meanwhile, northeast monsoons are still pouring heavy rains over several parts of Tamil Nadu. Ooty, Kotagiri and Coonoor towns along with the Niligiris region are filled with water and uprooted trees. The death toll due to rain in these regions has risen to 71, with maximum deaths being reported from the Nilgiris, with a total of 43 deaths. Heavy rains and subsequent landslips have also cut-off the Ooty region for now and more rainfall is expected in the coming days.

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