Guru Purab is being celebrated across India today

With the emergence of true Guru Nanak, the mist (Darkness) cleared and the light spread all around… Today, India celebrates Guru Purab and through the teachings of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, we discover the God in each one of us.

Teachings of the founder father of Sikhism, Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji, are as relevant today as they were during his earthly presence in the fifteenth century. Today as we celebrate Guru Purab, millions around the world remember him for his great contribution for the spiritual upliftment of mankind. Guru Nanak Dev Ji showed us all that his preachings can be followed by the common man without going into the pressures of isolating himself from his daily responsibilities.

The preachings of the Great Guru are simple and easy to follow and they provide solutions to most of the problems which plague the society. The Guru initiated the concept of “Langar” in the 15th century to ensure the availability of sufficient food for his low caste poor followers. This concept of common kitchen or Langar can be still used as an effective instrument for helping the poor. It can initiate social gatherings and can act as an effective means of promoting equality of all castes, classes and sexes. Sikhism itself was introduced with the main purpose of eliminating all kinds of distinction from the society.

Warning against corruption is clearly spelled out in Shri Guru nanak Dev ji’s dictum. He preached back in the 15th century that God destroys the evil does and the demonical. According to him, there will always be evil doers and it is the spiritual duty of the seeker and the his society to resist evil and injustice.

Today, Guru Purab teaches us to follow on the foot steps of Guru Nanak and adhere to Kirat Karo (Honest work), Naam Japo (Meditation on thy name), Vand Chako (Distribution of surplus wealth amongst the have not) and Simran and Seva (Meditation & selfless service).

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