Maharashtra: MNS does again what it knows best

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena started it’s Maharashtra Assembly proceedings in a manner it’s quite famous for. Vandalism and street-fighting are something usually associated with MNS, but this time it went a little ahead and followed its road-side politics with a fight scene inside the Maharashtra Vidhansabha Assembly.

Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Azmi had announced earlier that he’d be taking oath in Hindi for Maharashtra Vidhansabha. MNS had announced earlier that if Abu Azmi does try to take oath in Hindi, instead of Marathi, they’ll take stern action. Clearly, the only concern for both SP and MNS was political mileage. None of them were showing love to the mother tongue or the native tongue. The interest was clear, achieve the maximum political mileage out of it.

Monday morning when Maharashtra Assembly convened for the first time after the elections, Abu Azmi went ahead with taking his oath in Hindi. 13 MNS MLA’s followed their threat and manhandled Abu Azmi, snatching the mike from him. One of the MLA’s from MNS, Ram Kadam, decided this was the time of his life to get on national headlines so he went ahead and hit Abu Azmi on the face and chest. 288-member assembly was naturally stunned. With all the security around to protect the chosen representatives from outside threats, what can anyone do if the start fighting among themselves.

The Govt was quick to take action though. Four MNS legislators – Vasant Geete, Shishir Shinde, Ram Kadam and Ramesh Wanjale – were suspended for four years by the pro-tem speaker for the violent incident. However, this does lead one to think where this politics is heading to. If you are not allowed to speak in your own mother tongue inside the country, then you shouldn’t cry hoarse on the attacks on Indian students in Australia or else where in the world.

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