More Dengue cases reported in Delhi, Swine Flu in Jaipur

Swine Flu has been taking its toll across India. From Maharashtra to Delhi, Swine Flu has already spread and affected lots. Now, it’s the turn of the desert areas of Rajasthan, which is reporting new cases and deaths because of swine flu. Meanwhile, in Delhi, more and more cases of Dengue are being reported daily.

swine flu spreads in Rajasthan

52 new cases of swine flu were reported in Rajasthan on 23rd Nov, of which 23 were students. As much as 27 of those reported cases belonged to Jaipur. The Jaipur district administration has asked 10 schools to remain closed for a week following the spread of swine flu in schools. Two more deaths were reported on 23rd Nov, one was from Jaipur and the other from Jodhpur. This puts the death toll at 36 in Rajasthan.

In Delhi, new Swine Flu cases might be on decline, but dengue is taking its toll. On 23rd Nov, 10 more cases were reported, which takes the number of reported cases to 1009. So far two deaths have been reported because of Dengue. The only consolation is that with the onset of winters in Delhi, Dengue cases are expected to decline because dengue causing mosquitoes cannot breed below a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.

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