Mumbai celebrates a patriotic evening

In Nov 2008, Mumbai witnessed one of the deadliest terror attacks to have hit any major city of the world. Hundreads of lives were lost, and millions of Indians were left grieving. Now, in order to pay tributes to the brave soldiers who died that day, a song has been written.

Today Mumbai celebrated a patriotic evening by performing on the song, Yahi Sach Hai, which was sung by Viveck Shetty, Nithlesh Raman and Shivani Nigam and directed by YP Singh. Julio Ribeiro, Kavita Karkare and Colonel Kamte and his wife were the chief guests for this evening that celebrated the song.

The audience included some very prominent persons, some ministers and people from Bollywood. Kavita Karkare and Colonel Kamte gave speeches which moved the gathered audience. Abha Singh, anchored the evening and it seemed she was deeply moved by their words just as Anil Deshmukh was all praises for the song. Rohini Salian spoke about our strong judicial system and Nandini Sardesai came out quite vocal about her feelings as well.

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