Pre Poll pacts begin to take shape before Jharkhand Assembly Elections

Assembly Elections in Jharkhand are scheduled from 27th Nov to 18th Dec 2009. With just about 20 days to go for the first phase of polls, political parties in Jharkhand are busy creating the pre-poll alliances.

As expected, Bhartiya Janata Party and Janata Dal (United) will once again continue their alliance in Jharkhand. The two have been the dominant force in Jharkhand-Bihar elections for over a decade now. In a seat-sharing arrangement, BJP has decided to field it candidates on 67 seats while JD(U) will fight on 14 seats in the 81 seat assembly contest. In the last elections, BJP won 30 seats while JD(U) got 6 seats. The Chief Ministerial candidate has not been decided yet by the BJP-JD(U) alliance.

Laloo Prasad Yadav’s RJD will fight the Jharkhand Assembly Elections with Ram Bilas Paswan’s LJP. They’d also have a seat sharing arrangement with the CPI and CPI-M. For the first phase of elections which has 30 assembly seats, RJD will contest on 22, 5 will be fought by LJP and 3 seats have been left for CPI and CPI-M.

Congress and formr Jharkhand Chief Minister, Babu Lal Marandi’s Jharkhand Vikas Morcha is most likely to form an alliance before the polls. Although JVM is demanding 31 seats, it’s understood that Congress will give 25 seats to JVM and there could be friendly contest between the two parties on six seats.

You can view 2005 Jharkhand Assembly Results here.

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