Winters is officially here, Delhi chills at 7.9 degrees

Winter is slowly but surely setting in. Temperatures are dropping, hilly regions are getting their first snowfalls, and looks set to welcoming Christmas in cool cozy atmosphere. Delhi is now experiencing a cold wave Delhiites are usually well aware of. Just that this year the cold has set a little early.

Delhi Winter and fog

Generally, Delhi starts to get the chills by 2nd to 3rd week of December, while early part of December is usually shrouded with thick heavy fog. However, this year, the upper hill regions of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir have received some early snowfall, which has led to the current cold waves in Delhi.

On Saturday morning, Delhi’s temperature was 7.9 degrees C, making it the coldest day of the season. This was a drop of about 4 degrees in Delhi, as Friday saw a minimum temperature of 11 degrees C. The maximum temperature was also at 25 C, which was 1 degree less than normal. A thick layer of fog engulfed Delhi in the morning hrs, limiting the visibility to just about 1,500 meters.

The met department has however said that no further drop in temperature should be expected in the coming week. They predict that the minimum temperature will remain around 9 degrees and maximum around 25 C.

You can keep track of the weather conditions in India here.

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