Copenhagen Climate Summit starts today at Bella Centre in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen Climate Summit starts today at Bella Centre in Copenhagen

United Nations Climate Change Conference, which is being attended by delegates from 192 countries, starts today. Famously known as the Copenhagen Climate Summit, to be held at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, the delegates will primarily focus on the climate change migrations after the Kyoto Protocol ends in 2012.

Copenhagen 2012 summit for Climate Change

As we all know, there have been rising concerns on the way humans are polluting the environment. Predictions are that if we continue with our ways, the world as we know it might cease to exist. A recently released Hollywood Movie 2012 did bring the consequences to the notice, and however exaggerated the movie might seem, it’s no denying the fact that if Nations around the world do not get their acts together, trouble will surely come for the living population sooner or later.

The Copenhagen Climate Summit is a step in that direction. Delegates from across the world will meet and discuss the ways to prevent climate change and global warming. A new treaty will also be formed to replace the Kyoto protocol that ends in 2012.

Despite the previous promises by several countries, the carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions grew by a whopping 29 percent in 2008-2009. The two major emitters of CO2 are the US and China, and they have been asked by the UN Climate Chief to pledge reduction in greenhouse gas effects. China has proposed a reduction of 40-45% by 2020 while US agrees on 17% reduction by 2020. India has voluntarily proposed to reduce its emissions by 20-25%, a move which many see as falling to pressure tactics from US. India has a huge population, and something based on a per capita reduction will make more sense then promising an overall % reduction.

The Copenhagen Climate Summit will end on 18th Dec 2009 and hopefully the world leaders will come out with some concrete resolutions to check the growing menace of environment pollution and to create a climate of healthier proportions.

Meanwhile, you can keep track of current weather conditions in India here.

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