India brings out tougher Visa Rules

Following the arrest of Mumbai terror suspect, Headley, in the US, and subsequent reports stating that Headley used multiple tourist Visa entry to India to form his terror plans, India has now decided to enforce stricter Visa rules.

The new Visa rules will bar any foreign tourist to travel back to India within two months of his initial journey. This will particulary hit hard tourists who are in India on long term tourist visas. Generally, tourists take just a six month visa, and then visit near by countries to get them renewed for another six months. However, this won’t be possible now.

The haste with which the Indian Govt took this decision and fastness with which new India Visa rules was implemented, has left many a tourists stranded. No initial warning was given to any tourist. So, tourists who were completing there six months in India and had gone to near by countries to get it renewed, now find themselves stranded, with no option of returning back to India.

US and Britain have lodged their protest against India. The Indian Govt in return has given the consulates the power to grant exemptions in exceptional cases. However, it isn’t clear yet as to what applies as exceptional case and what does not.

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