Jharkhand Assembly Election Results to be declared today

Jharkhand Assembly elections were held in 5 phases from Nov 25th to Dec 18th. The results are scheduled to be declared today, 23rd Dec.

In less than two hrs from now, that is from 8 a.m., the first results for Jharkhand Assembly Election 2009 will start to come in. Jharkhand has traditionally seen a voter share towards BJP and its allies, but if the recent exit polls are to be believed, Jharkhand will see a hung assembly once more. The exit polls predict Congress getting more seats than the BJP.

In the past nine years since Jharkhand was formed, the voters have always chosen an un-stable Govt by not giving majority to any single party. The last elections fiasco, where Congress supported an Independent MLA for the post of Chief Minister just to remain in power is fresh in everyone’s memory. the fact that the same CM committed the worst scam ever, to the tune of over Rs. 6000 Crore, speaks in itself what happens when a clear verdict is not given by the voters. Will Jharkhand chose a clear winner this time? Well, we’d know that in just a few hrs from now.

Both major parties have already started appeasing the smaller parties in anticipation of a hung assembly again. While Congress reached out to Shibu Soren on Tuesday, BJP declared that no political party is enemy for it.

We’d be here whole day bringing the Jharkhand Assembly results to you as they come in. May the best party win and hopefully, the situation doesn’t lead to a hung assembly as that’d just mean ugly buy and sell of MLA’s, as has been seen in the past results.

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