Maharashtra needs Rs. 1171 crore for Phyan Cyclone relief work

Phyan Cyclone was supposed to be one of the biggest cyclones to hit the coastal areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat. However, thankfully, Phyan lost its intensity while approaching Mumbai and as such did far less damage then anticipated earlier. Maharashtra Govt has now asked the center for Rs. 1171 crore for Phyan relief work.

Cyclone Phyan in Maharashtra

Maharashtra State revenue minister Narayan Rane today told the Legislative Assembly today that a financial assistance of 1171 crore Rs will be required for the relief work. Rane also informed that an interim relief of Rs. 65 crore has already been given out. According to Rane, 28 districts of Maharashtra were affected by the Phyan Cyclone and the devastation spread across 8.24 lakh hectares.

Considering the fact that Phyan Cyclone did not hit as hard as expected, the amount does seem a huge bill to the opposition. Shiv Sena and BJP walked out of the house in protest as they did not seem too satisfied with Rane’s reply.

You can read more on the Phyan Cyclone‘s advent towards Mumbai here.

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